DUR-A-WALL HP Coating System

Chemical resistant wall solution that meets the needs of healthcare environments

DUR-A-WALL HP (High Performance) from Dur-A-Flex, Inc. is a wall coating system designed specifically for areas requiring chemical resistance and durability (e.g., clean rooms, animal holding areas, patient rooms, labs, showers). It is offered as part of the Seamless Suite solution of flooring and wall coatings that meet the demands of healthcare environments, lasting up to 10 times as long as traditional wall paints.

coating systemThe DUR-A-WALL HP two-component, three-step wall coating system is suited for application on concrete, wood, drywall, cement board, or block. It starts with a urethane-modified acrylic latex primer (DUR-A-WALL HP GRIPPER PRIMER or DUR-A-WALL BLOCK FILLER) followed by two coats of DUR-A-WALL HP TOPCOAT, a pigmented, two-component, low odor urethane formulation.

DUR-A-WALL HP TOPCOAT has a matte, eggshell, or satin finish and will provide protection against very aggressive solvents, acids, and alcohols. It withstands vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) as well as other constant, harsh cleaning practices necessary for healthcare establishments. The wall coating can also be paired with Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera Fast-Track flooring systems to deliver a seamless floor to wall surface that helps defend against bacteria and infection.

DUR-A-WALL HP wall coatings are available in 15 standard solid colors (e.g., White, New Traditions, Kensington, Bonsai Tree, Lilac Linen) in three finishes and can be color-matched to meet facility standards. Accelera floor systems are offered in Dur-A-Flex’s standard decorative vinyl chip and quartz blends and unlimited custom blends.

DUR-A-WALL HP GRIPPER PRIMER has a coverage rate of 200 to 450 SF/gal, depending on the surface and application method and is packaged in one gallon cans. DUR-A-WALL HP BLOCK FILLER has a coverage rate of 150 to 200 SF/gal on masonry block or 200 to 225 SF/gal on porous concrete and is packaged in five gallon pails. DUR-A-WALL HP TOPCOAT is supplied in pre-measured units consisting of a resin and a hardener and can be applied at approximately 400 Sq. Ft. per kit (matte, eggshell) and 340 Sq. Ft. per kit (satin). All products can be applied with a brush or roller in temperatures between 60°F and 85°F and relative humidity below 75%. Coverage will vary depending on porosity and texture of substrate. Shelf life for all products is one year in original unopened containers with the exception of DUR-A-WALL HP TOPCOAT, which is six months.

DUR-A-WALL HP Plus and DUR-A-WALL HPF are also available. DUR-A-WALL HP Plus is a high build coating system offering the same features and benefits as DUR-A-WALL HP but with an added two-component epoxy build for rough surfaces. DUR-A-WALL HPF is a high build system offering the same features and benefits as Dur-A-Wall HP Plus but with an integrated fiberglass mat for added strength; it is specifically designed for sheetrock wall applications.