DWS Rigid Composite Material Solutions

ADA Compliant AlertCast® and AlertTile® tactile warning products deliver a myriad of construction and safety solutions via advanced composites

Now a part of the proprietary product family of Mar-Bal, Inc., Detectable Warning Systems™ (DWS) is progressively launching their AlertCast and AlertTile detectable warning products. The ADA compliant products are engineered for visually impaired or handicapped pedestrians—offering advanced rigid composite material solutions with tactile cues for either cast-in-place or surface applied construction and safety applications.rigid composite

AlertCast is a premium glass-reinforced thermoset, cast-in-place, rigid composite engineered for impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance, and durability. Its lightweight design incorporates a panel of slip- resistant truncated domes designed to comply with ADA standards. Should the need arise, the tiles are also replaceable.

AlertCast features the patented PENETRATOR® anchoring system—a simple place-and-press wet concrete installation system with minimal aggregate displacement and maximum holding capabilities.

According to DWS Sales Manager-NC, Said Hayez, “AlertCast goes directly into concrete and delivers superior all-weather (hot/cold) performance. Delivered ready to install, its composite properties make it affordable, easy to handle, and available in a variety of colors.”

rigid compositeAlertTile is a glass-reinforced thermoset composite engineered for impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance, and durability for retrofit applications. The exclusive design of AlertTile incorporates a thin, slightly flexible profile with a perimeter beveled edge to provide a safe pedestrian transition.

The surface applied rigid composite (30,000 psi compressive strength) features truncated domes designed to comply with ADA standards. AlertTile is flexible enough to conform to ramp irregularities, and also utilizes its own unique anchoring system.

Fast-and-easy installation is achieved with the included anchoring system, featuring a premium adhesive and HILTI HUD anchors with stainless steel screws. Users apply the adhesive to scored areas on the back, place in desired location, and install the anchors.

According to DWS Sales Manager-FL, Mike Keels, “Since this is often the last product installed on a project, how quickly and accurately it is available is key. Our customer service is unparalleled in the market, as we ship same/next day to respond to these essential needs.”

rigid compositeDome Spacing for both AlertCast and AlertTile is 2.4″ center-to-center. Slip resistance is 1.03 dry and .83 wet. Compressive strength is 30,000 psi. Sizes include 2′ x 3′, 2′ x 4′, 2′ x 5′, 3′ x 4′, and 3′ x 5′ and available colors (integral throughout) include Yellow, Colonial Red, Brick Red, Safety Red, Black, Gray, and Ocean Blue. Premium UV Treatment also ensures long-term color retention.

According to Mar-Bal’s Director, Proprietary Products, Anthony Lignetta, “Mar-Bal has complete control of the AlertCast/AlertTile products with approvals in most states and DOTs—so there is no barrier of entry in getting the product to the market efficiently. This allows us to stock lots of inventory and provide quick shipping for optimal concrete installation time. This is a huge market, so it’s vital to get the best products on the market out to the customer base ASAP. Ultimately, by controlling the cycle, we can provide the best customer service and maintain delivery promises at good prices.”