EA-A01 Security System Integration Kit by Southco

The EA-A01 is a Security System Integration (SSI) Kit from Southco, Inc. It simplifies the cabling and connections necessary between Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle with integrated card reader and any Wiegand based access control system.

security system integrationThe EA-A01 SSI streamlines wiring between data center racks and remote access control panels. Using easy plug and play installation, this complete turnkey solution is a cost effective way to leverage existing building access control infrastructure to control and monitor access at the rack level within the data center. This is done using standard structured cabling.

When integrated with an existing access control system, the EA-A01 security system integration kit facilitates complete remote control and monitoring from building and room access down to server door access. This demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI DSS.

The H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle features a microprocessor-controlled gear motor design. It ensures minimal power consumption and provides intelligent locking and monitoring capabilities. The H3-EM can be used as a standalone system. It can also be integrated with an existing building access control system or supplied as a fully networked system, enabling remote monitoring and audit trail reporting to meet compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley). The swinghandle can accommodate a variety of rack sizes and configurations with its simple, single-hole panel preparation. It fits industry standard panel preps and includes integrated sensors for lock and latch status, monitoring, and alarm functions.

The EA-A01 Security System Integration Kit includes cabinet level cables, door switches, and connectors. The junction box, cables, and power supply are sold separately. The kit accommodates two access control devices as well as two electromechanical latches. In addition, it provides labeled connections for simple setup, centralized connection for system power; and switches that allow for any combination of access control to latch. The EA-A01 can also be used with any Southco access control to electromechanical latch combination.