Eaton’s Remote Monitoring & Management Service

Redesigned PredictPulse with a modernized user experience and real-time access to critical power data

Power management company Eaton announced its redesigned PredictPulse™ remote monitoring and management service. A completely new user experience for web browsers and mobile devices—based on feedback from more than 100 customers—makes it easier for data center and information technology (IT) managers to monitor the health of their power infrastructure and respond to critical events from wherever they may be.

remote monitoring“Since its introduction, Eaton’s PredictPulse has been a pioneer in connected power solutions,” said Michael Regelski, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Electrical Sector, Eaton. “Now, advancements in digital innovation and Internet of Things connectivity have increased users’ expectations for secure, real-time access to system data and a robust, intuitive user experience. We listened to our customers and rebuilt PredictPulse in a way that advances its pioneering functionality and provides users with a new remote monitoring experience.”

The new PredictPulse is a cloud-based monitoring and management service that collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing Eaton with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf.

This new version of PredictPulse offers a completely redesigned user interface for both browsers and mobile devices. The new mobile portal interface gives users a view into real-time data, trends, events, service history, and alarms from any mobile or tablet device, along with a new PulseScore™ feature to communicate the overall health of a user’s uninterruptible power system (UPS).

PredictPulse offers flexibility for locations and users, with the power to self-manage how co-workers can view site level devices and notifications (e-mail, SMS, phone), with an unlimited number of users and devices. A new notification system provides SMS text, e-mail, and call notifications, as well as manageable notifications for critical alarms and non-critical events. Intuitive at-a-glance reports tell users what happened, where, and when.

The new additions to PredictPulse apply to Eaton’s PredictPulse Insight service. PredictPulse Insight is a cloud-based analytics service for data center infrastructure to predict the failure of power components as well as a verification site visit to confirm or replace components. The new service adds predictive analytics to PredictPulse, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model. With PredictPulse Insight, users can mitigate downtime risks associated with battery, capacitor, fan, and air filter failures and proactively replace components before they fail, extending the life of investments and addressing potential problems before they happen.

Additionally, with cybersecurity continuing to be a top-of-mind concern for data center and IT managers, PredictPulse offers a robust cybersecurity plan built around outbound-only SMTP e-mail without firewall changes or inbound data. This means PredictPulse has no remote-control capability, ensuring power infrastructure is never at risk. PredictPulse is fully compatible with Eaton’s Gigabit Network Card (Network-M2), the first UPS connectivity device to meet the UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard.


  1. This new version of PredictPulse offers a completely redesigned user interface for both browsers and mobile devices. Thank you for this

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