ECA by Dekko Delivers Locker Power

Sto-Way is a charging solution for new and preinstalled lockers that can be surface- or recessed-mounted

Sto-Way from ECA by Dekko is a power and charging solution for lockers—including new and already installed lockers in a range of environments. This locker power product delivers 120V of personal power, and 5 amps of USB and USB-C® charging, exclusively to the locker power

Lockers with power typically have adopted a multi-circuit system. Sto-Way is different; it’s designed to meet the specific needs of lockers with its unique ability to route either internal or external electric cables to the storage space, coupled with in-field maintenance that does not require any disassembly of the locker.

Sto-Way puts secure and personal charging power in arm’s reach. Specifiers can choose from five different power and USB configurations to deliver the best options for the locker space. Options include two power (120 VAC); two power with USB A or USB AC or USB C; or two power with GFCI.

“Sto-Way was developed specifically for lockers. The product reshapes conventional locker usage, transforming each space from just a storage compartment to a personal charging station for your phone or computer, and a place to plug in personal-care items such as a hair dryer or electric shaver,” Dekko Marketing Director Meghan Meier said.

locker powerSto-Way functions either as a surface-mount style or as a seamless recessed-mount aesthetic to the locker interior. Both styles are compatible with ECA’s DaisyLink™ System. Recessed units are standardly equipped with a 7″ metal conduit, while the surface units have a 24″. Each conduit has been measured for optimal spacing between lockers for continuous DaisyLink connectivity. Sto-Way is capable of powering one or two circuits from a single power infeed, which allows for runs twice as long as a single-circuit system—this lets designers maximize locker-run lengths while reducing the supporting infrastructure.

In other words, multiple units can link together, locker-to-locker, from a single infeed. Distance between each unit can be adjusted to accommodate locker widths. Cables remain concealed. Corded models are also available for installations where daisy chaining is not needed. Cords measure 108″.

locker powerThe Sto-Way surface-mount locker power model adds a flare to existing locker interiors. With this model, the rear of the locker can be flush to the wall, as all system components are internal to the locker. It’s a suitable option for tight spaces and retrofit opportunities. Sto-Way surface’s cover can be altered to fit a wide range of locker sizes. The cover can be adjusted to fit specific locker geometry, ensuring a clean look and concealing the connecting cables from view. Sto-Way surface standard dimensions measure 11.75″ x 2.95″ x 2.65″.

locker powerSto-Way’s recessed-mount model provides a sleek aesthetic whatever the locker construction, whether wood or metal. Its composition integrates seamlessly with the locker interior. Requiring space behind the locker for housing and wiring, the recessed model allows for maximum internal space and a clean appearance inside the locker. Sto-Way recessed standard dimensions measure 6.25″ x 2.35″ x 5.19″.

Sto-Way is available in standard colors Silver Pearl, Graphite Grey, Black, and Gloss White. Custom colors are also possible. The all-steel construction and durable powder-coat finish ensure a long work life. Adding to Sto-Way’s user-friendly design is ease of maintenance. Any field work can be done without dismantling the locker.

“All kinds of environments will benefit from Sto-Way—schools, health and athletic clubs, airports, stadiums, train and bus stations, hospitals, workspaces—anywhere there are lockers,” Meier said.

Sto-Way is ETL Listed in the U.S. and Canada.


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