Ecore Athletic Adds Two Surfaces To Performance Collection

Modzilla and Beast Plus surfaces offer solutions for power, strength, and functional training applications.

Ecore, a manufacturer of safe, ergonomic, and acoustic performance surfaces for commercial and athletic markets, has added two new surfaces to its Ecore Athletic Performance Collection. Modzilla and Beast Plus are two distinct vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surfaces featuring Ecore’s patented itsTRU™ technology. Both products complement the four existing performance products.

Ecore Athletic Performance Collection

Modzilla is an ultra-thick, heavy-duty 42.5mm system that features a 10.5mm VCR Beast Roll field united to floating 32mm x 24-inch by 48-inch interlocking Ecore Shockpad tiles. Designed for extreme and Olympic-style weightlifting, Modzilla is a triple durometer system that provides a floating system solution ideal for facilities repurposing existing space.

“Not only does Modzilla balance energy restitution and force reduction, but it also comes with an interlocking ShockPad,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Ecore. “The surface layer is an extremely dense product that enables Modzilla to withstand extreme weight drops. Combining the balanced ShockPad with the dense surface layer makes Modzilla ideal for Olympic-style lifting and functional training applications.

Ecore Athletic Performance Collection
Beast Plus

Beast Plus is a thicker version of the existing 10.5mm Beast Roll. This 14.5mm performance floor features a 2.5mm VCR surface fusion bonded to a 12mm base layer. Beast Plus is the quintessential floor for power, strength and functional training applications and can be paired with Ecore Performance Rally and/or TurfX to create a transition-free fitness space.

“Beast Plus is designed to withstand extreme weight impacts while minimizing bar bounce,” said Barber. “This product is different because it provides a fitness facility with the ability to place a heavy-duty weight-lifting surface right next to a track and/or turf surface without transitions.”

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