Ecore Receives Two U.S. Product Patents

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfaces, recently received two United States product patents. These patents cover any surfaces Ecore creates that features an Ecore EPDM surface fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing or any heterogeneous sheet vinyl surface fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing.

product patents
This recycled rubber flooring was designed for the Redding School of the Arts, a charter school in northern California. (Source: Ecore Commercial Flooring)

Patents 9,340,970 and 9,096,045 B2 cover these products: ECOrx, ECOfit, Forest rx, Terrain rx, Bounce 2, and four products in the Performance Collection – Rally, Motivate, Beast, and Monster. All of these surfaces are created using Ecore’s itstru technology, whereby any surface can be fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing.

“Itstru technology is shepherding our company into the next generation of surfaces,” said Arthur Dodge III, CEO and president of Ecore. “Ecore is so much more than recycled rubber and fitness floors. With itstru technology, it’s not too good to be true! Our ability to create floors that improve the safety, acoustics, and ergonomics of the people using them is now endless. We can fusion bond our performance rubber to virtually any surface!”

Ecore serves the athletic, fitness, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, multi-family, education, and public space markets.