ECP certifies all SCA tissue mills

SCA Tissue has earned the prestigious Environmental Choice Program certification for all five of its paper mills. The Environmental Choice Program, established in 1988, certifies and recognizes products and services that are environmentally preferable. Unlike most third-party green certification programs that measure specific attributes such as recycled content levels, Environmental Choice takes a broad, holistic approach that also evaluates a company’s total impact on the environment.

ECP certification means SCA Tissue’s mills meet and must continue to meet strict requirements in four categories:
• Resource consumption ⎯ qualifies the types and amounts of materials used to produce one ton of product, including pre- and post-consumer material, printed recovered material and other fiber sources.
• Energy consumption ⎯ measures types and amounts of energy used per one ton of product produced to ensure the most efficient use of energy.
• Effluent ⎯ measures plant discharge for its biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids and levels of sublethal toxicity to aquatic organisms.
• Net solid waste ⎯ evaluates waste streams for the amount of solid waste from production and the impact on the environment.