ECS Global Solutions Installs Smart Building Platform

The service will deliver real-time data analytics on facility system performance to a new Manhattan medical office building in New York City.

ECS Global Solutions, a provider of integrated smart building and energy intelligence solutions, is near completion on the installation of a Smart Building Platform for Regent Medical Properties, LLC. The building is located in Manhattan, and the integrated Smart Building Platform is being delivered through ECS’ “Smart Building as a Service” program. This includes open-architecture building automation for HVAC, intelligent LED lighting, IP camera and card access, and integrated sub-metering at the property. The integration of these systems will allow for precise energy and operations management, while delivering real-time data analytics on facility system performance, on a continuous analytics

The Smart Building Platform for Regent Medical Properties has been financed through the Efficiency Made Easy program available from Constellation, a retail supplier of power, natural gas and energy products and services and subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. The Efficiency Made Easy program enables commercial and industrial supply customers to implement energy efficiency and other solutions without upfront capital expenditures. Eligible businesses may be able to fund projects through their monthly Constellation energy supply bill, and these customers may realize immediate energy cost savings from reduced energy use while paying for the project over the term of their energy supply agreement.

data analytics
Architect’s rendering of the new Regent Medical Properties building in Manhattan

“This project exemplifies what is possible with a bit of forward thinking and collaborative planning,” said Len Pisano, Chief Development Officer at ECS Global Solutions. “As an existing customer, Regent Medical Properties recognized the absolute value of integrating smart building technologies for their facilities. Regent brought the design teams together from the start of the project, which allowed for a seamless delivery without incurring any premium costs for installation and a significantly lower cost of operations through the life cycle of the facility.”

The building is fully leased and will be ready for occupancy in October 2017. Designed by Stonehill & Taylor architects and engineered by the AKF Group, the facility will include surgical suites occupied by an Ambulatory Surgery Center as well as various medical offices. Construction management services were provided by Eastman Cooke for the platform installation.

“Our goal is to provide an environment for patients and physicians alike, that allows for the safest, most comfortable and efficient delivery of care,” said Barton Schack, Chief Investment Officer for Regent Medical Properties, the project owner/developer. “We believe that in part, through this technology, we have created a facility unlike any other in New York City.”