Eden Helps Safely Return to the Office

SaaS Suite empowers companies to manage every aspect of their workplace

Eden—the all-in-one workplace management platform—announced the launch of its suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products along with its brand evolution. The new SaaS suite empowers teams to safely return to the office and streamline their operations through the use of several new Eden applications, including COVID team safety, visitor management, room booking, and modern ticketing.safely return to the office

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to the way we work, and has forced companies to reimagine what the future of the workplace will look like,” said Joe Du Bey, CEO & Co-Founder of Eden. “The world has never been more dynamic. At Eden, we believe technology can be a stabilizing, positive force. We look forward to helping our clients safely return to an empowering workplace.”

Eden’s new COVID Team Safety product is being released at a critical time as companies plan how to safely return to the office. With this tool, companies can set capacity limits on the space, verify the health of employees before they enter the space, and allow both visitors and employees to check-in with a touchless experience.

Eden’s SaaS product release now enables companies to manage every aspect of their workplace in a centralized dashboard. Instead of utilizing one software vendor for visitor check-in, another for conference room booking, and Eden for its services marketplace, Eden offers all of the necessary software to run a high-standards workplace in one easy-to-use, cost-effective platform on flexible terms.

Eden engaged DesignStudio for their brand evolution (focusing on a new website, as well as brand identity) as they expanded a marketplace model to one that includes software products.

“Our brand identity work was driven by our client stakeholders—we asked them first and foremost how Eden had impacted their ability as workplace teams to help increase employee productivity, and their responses were inspiring,” said Kyle Wilkinson, CTO & Co-Founder, Eden.

Eden’s Workplace Management SaaS tools—including modern ticketing, visitor management, room booking, and COVID team safety—enable companies to better run their office(s), ensuring they have the best possible experience for their employees and visitors, while saving time and money.


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