Edwards, a Carrier Brand, and Airthings Unite On Air Quality Monitors

The agreement commercializes Airthings' air quality solutions through more than 500 Edwards channel partners in the fire and security segment.

Airthings, global leader in indoor air quality solutions and energy-saving technology, announced today a strategic agreement with Edwards, a leader in fire detection and alarm solutions since 1872, and a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable, and intelligent building solutions. The agreement commercializes Airthings’ business solution through more than 500 Edwards channel partners in the fire and security segment. Extending the distribution of Airthings technology represents significant progress toward making air quality monitoring a critical component of commercial buildings and as ubiquitous as the everyday smoke detector.

air quality“Edwards and Airthings share a mutual commitment to improving indoor environments. Expanding our comprehensive fire and life safety offering to include indoor air quality monitoring will further enable our customers to create safer, healthier indoor environments,” said Angie Gomez, President of Edwards.

As part of the strategic agreement, Edwards will commercialize the Airthings for Business solution through its Channel Partners in the United States and Canada. The Airthings for Business solution lets facilities monitor, visualize, and control indoor air to ensure a safer and healthier environment in buildings, while saving on energy costs. Able to be set up in minutes, the wireless monitors run on long-lasting batteries, making the solution scalable and customizable to new and existing spaces.

In addition, Airthings sensors provide air quality data to Abound, Carrier’s new open-technology platform designed to make building environments more intelligent, efficient, and responsive. Abound aggregates data from different systems and sensors and provides building owners, operators, and occupants transparency into relevant and contextual insights about air quality, thermal comfort, and other performance data. Airthings’ sensors will provide indoor air data and insights to the Abound platform via the Airthings API. (See Airthings’ March 2021 news on its latest battery-operated and Wi-Fi enabled monitor.)

“Airthings is on a mission to empower the world to breathe better through simple, affordable, and accurate technology solutions. Together with Edwards and Carrier, we can build on our pursuit of making air quality sensors an essential element of every building and home–helping even more people take control of their air quality and protect their health,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “Entering a strategic agreement with a brand like Carrier is a massive step that will accelerate the evolution of air quality monitoring into an indispensable aspect of any HVAC system or building safety solution.”

Buildings can harbor high levels of harmful substances and create conditions that are detrimental to not only health and wellbeing but productivity too. In fact, the air indoors is typically 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoors according to the EPA. Since most people spend 90% of their time indoors, whether that is in school, the office or other buildings, it is important to ensure good air quality indoors.