EDX Demand Manager for Energy Reduction

PhoenixET’s new software module provides significant cost savings and decreases energy use

The EDX Demand Manager™ software module from PhoenixET is an addition to its Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) platform EDX that allows Energy Managers to handle more demand events and more complex load reduction strategies, across more locations, with minimum effort. It provides maximum energy reduction by managing demand across multiple systems to meet energy cost and load objectives without sacrificing customer comfort or installing additional hardware or meters.energy reduction

Demand Manager allows users to see and sort locations at a glance, with updates of current weather, baseline kw, and capacity every 15 minutes. All demand events can be viewed in a single place and sliced and diced by provider or time. In addition, users can build their own filtered reports to export the data needed.

Demand Manager works across diverse control systems and works with or without a meter. Users can build their own location groups to control changes at the level chosen. They can also add optional Swarm Logic by Encycle for even more savings.

Multiple triggers and actions can be used to customize strategies across one or more groups to meet a demand event or simply manage to a savings goal, without affecting customer comfort. With real-time updates every 15 minutes, users can fine-tune the system as much as they like for energy reduction.

“EDX Demand Manager is the next big step in the evolution of demand management,” said Glen Schrank, CEO of PhoenixET. “EDX is already a strong player in energy management, with remote commanding and reporting across the largest number of building automation systems, and with Demand Manager, we’re extending its capabilities even further. Now with Demand Manager, Energy Managers can create and establish strategies that automatically adjust, in real-time, to changing conditions and deploy multiple tactics across a company’s enterprise to establish maximum savings.”

PhoenixET’s CTO Keith Gipson, added, “Energy managers are under competing pressures to meet budgets, reduce energy costs, meet carbon footprint goals, and manage customer comfort, all with a lack of visibility, messy control systems, and local users complaining or manually changing the controls. Even with the right technology, including control systems with programmable capability and meters to react to, managing hundreds or thousands of locations is challenging without a dedicated team. Phoenix Energy Technology’s Demand Manager puts you back in control.”

With Demand Manager, users can create and establish strategies that automatically adjust, in real-time, to changing conditions and deploy multiple tactics across a company’s enterprise for energy reduction and the establishment of maximum savings.

EDX Demand Manager features:

  • Location Dashboard: At-a-glance view of locations’ kWh capacity and usage as well as outside temperature, with the ability to create clusters of locations by multiple attributes.
  • Strategies Dashboard: Complex rules engine allows Energy Managers to architect a series of tactics including set point changes and resets, lighting curtailment, and more to meet goals without adversely affecting operations or customer comfort.
  • Events Dashboard: Participate in utilities’ demand reduction events by automatically deploying created strategies and easily reporting outcomes.
  • Optional Swarm Logic by Encycle: Rotate RTUs for additional savings in large buildings.

“We’re excited to add features such as real-time price (RTP) and automated demand response event notifications (ADR) in the very near future. We have so many launches coming up this year, it’s an exciting time at PhoenixET,” added Gipson.