El Alma Custom Hospitality Carpet Collection

El Alma from Tarkett Hospitality is a custom hospitality carpet collection that draws inspiration from the history and heritage of handcrafted textiles from Mexico and Central America. Available in 10 unique yet interconnected patterns, the collection draws inspiration from traditional motifs and embroidery visuals developed by Latin American cultures, spotlighting the artisans and communities who have long kept these crafts alive.Hospitality Carpet

“The artisanal traditions passed down through generations within these diverse cultures have always been and continue to be a driving force of craft and industry in the world, including textiles and floor coverings,” said Amy Jaekel, creative director, Tarkett Hospitality. “With vibrant beauty and diversity, El Alma connects today’s hospitality spaces to the soul of textile and carpet craftsmanship.”

Each pattern in the El Alma collection has a fully customizable palette, the most elaborate of which features 14 colors. The hospitality carpet also features a variety of constructions to meet the needs of different spaces within the hospitality environment. Five of the collection’s 10 patterns are designed as Axminster, while the others are machine-tufted to offer a variety of construction options. To further ensure the right solution for a space, Tarkett is able to engineer any of the styles to meet a given budget and project requirements. And the company’s global footprint makes it easier to carry a consistent brand vision throughout the world.

Designs for El Alma are made using the company’s 80% wool yarn, which has been third-party tested and proven to provide greater appearance retention, stronger resilience to crushing, and an overall reduction in life-cycle costs. In addition, wool fiber is naturally non-allergenic, flame retardant, and repellant of water and stains.


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