Electronic Access Control

Farpointe Data’s CSR-35 Reader & CMC-2 Mobile Access Credential offer access via smartphone

Farpointe Data’s CSR-35 Conekt Bluetooth Reader and CMC-2 Mobile Access Credential are the newest members of DMP’s expanded line of high-security access control products. Together, they allow iPhone or Android smartphones to function as contactless electronic access control credentials.electronic access control

Instead of keeping track of a key fob or card, some people may prefer using their smartphones to get into their businesses or secure work areas. Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) can now give those customers the convenience they prefer.

Conekt is a mobile smartphone access control ID solution—consisting of a smartphone wallet app, mobile and physical credentials, and combination Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)/contactless smartcard readers. Based upon the LEGIC® contactless digital radio frequency identification (RFID) platform, Conekt readers interface with a wide range of electronic access control systems by complying with either the legacy Wiegand or bi-directional Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

In addition to supporting mobile access credentials, using the BLE feature of select smartphones, Conekt includes a range of traditional physical access credentials, such as clamshell cards, ISO cards, and key tags.

Featuring easy registration, convenient mobile credentials, and multi-technology readers, Conekt is the next-generation ID solution for electronic access control systems.

Benefits OF 2.4-GHz/13.56-MHz CONEKT:

  • Smartphone wallet app securely stores mobile credentials
  • One-time registration without disclosure of private information
  • Cloud-based delivery of mobile credentials
  • Readers read Conekt BLE mobile credentials as well as traditional contactless smartcards
  • Supports industry standard and custom formats
  • Presentation and long-range readers available

The CSR-35 Conekt Mobile-Ready Contactless Smartcard Reader can be installed on a metal door, window frame, or flat surface at any entry point, and is also compatible with DMPs DE2 smartcard credential with up to 1.5″ read range. This single reader comes as a kit with the option to change the back plate for a switch plate or mullion. It measures 1.7″ x 4.7″ x 1.2″ and is compatible with CMC-2 and DE2 credentials.

The CMC-2 Conekt Mobile Access Credential is based on MIFARE DESFire EV1 technology, offering an even higher security encryption technology standard than traditional credentials. The credential is stored and activated within the Conekt Mobile Wallet app, which is available on the Apple App or Google Play Stores.

Like any other app they’re using, authorized users would just need to download and install the required app, called Conekt Wallet, which is available on the Apple App or Google Play Stores. Once the app is installed and the virtual credentials are activated, users can present their phones to the reader—this establishes a secure Bluetooth connection and an encrypted transmission to the user’s smartphone.