eMaintenance+ Facilities Maintenance by Urgent

eMaintenance+ by Urgent Technology is an online facilities maintenance platform. It underpins efficiencies and continuous improvement in fixed assets reliability, supply chain procurement, and organizational cost reduction.

facilities maintenanceA turnkey, cross industry solution delivered as a cloud-hosted application, eMaintenance uses Rackspace© to provide private cloud, data center, and managed services. It is accessible from any modern browser, smart phone, or other mobile device, with no infrastructure required. The SAAS can be configured at a local level but managed at a global level, without the need for integration. It is suitable for organization sizes that range from a single facility to a global multi-site operation.

Configurable to suit user needs, eMaintenance+ provides a single view of an entire maintenance and asset management operation though one login. Management information can be viewed, extracted, and handled in real time by location, asset, supplier, or activity. Further, preconfigured reports support process standardization across businesses.

eMaintenance+ functions include Reactive Maintenance Management, Scheduled Maintenance Management, Contractor Management, Asset Register and Asset Management, Document Library, and Management Reporting. Optional modules include Safety Auditing, Incident Reporting, Invoicing, and Supplier Integration.

eMaintenance+ handles all the routine FM tasks that are typically managed by a helpdesk. At its core is the repair matrix. A set of predefined rules, the matrix drives the software to contact and dispatch the most appropriate service engineer for any logged task. This minimizes the time and cost to repair with up-to-the-minute task status visible to all system users.

eMaintenance+ provides an online troubleshooter guide, an audit trail for regulatory compliance and reporting, and an audit trail of maintenance related documents and actions. It allows field resources and engineers to update the progress of work requests while on the move; drives improvements in contractor performance through SLA (service level agreements) monitoring, works verification, and contractor rating; and eliminates hidden charges and costs in the FM supply chain.

Designed to run across multiple geographies, eMaintenance+ facilities maintenance supports all major languages and currencies. On screen reports and data can be printed or exported to MS Excel. In addition, workflow drag and drop enables users to redefine the workflow of their operation.