Emergency Notification & Response Solution

Sielox CLASS™ is a cost-effective daily incident and crisis management solution

Sielox CLASS (Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System) Emergency Notification and Response Solution improves emergency notification and response capabilities, saving time and potentially saving lives. Initially designed for the education market, the product is also an effective resource for corporate campuses, hospitals, and large facilities across a range of markets to manage all hazards, including threatening situations and inclement weather.emergency notification

Class is a cost-effective, easily deployed, daily incident and crisis management solution using existing devices and networks.

“Sielox has purpose-designed CLASS to provide instant notification of emergency situations with communications between occupants and first responders. Additionally, CLASS provides scalability for future expansion, and the ability to integrate with access control as an integral component in a layered security solution,” said Karen Evans, CEO and President, Sielox. “These capabilities alone put CLASS in a class by itself.”

CLASS provides vital emergency status details to responders so they can best manage events. Administrators or any designated initiator can issue an emergency alert to notify responders of conditions in real time while communicating status via one of five programmable color-coded alert levels (Green-Safe/Secure, Yellow-Unaccounted Individual, Blue-Medical Emergency, Orange-Disturbance, and Red-Crisis Condition). Occupants within the facility can then report status at their specific location enabling responders to view detailed facility maps with compiled room-by-room, color-coded conditions that update in real time as the situation evolves. A chat feature enables two-way communications between occupants and first responders to exchange detailed information or instructions. CLASS can also issue messages with response instructions specific to each alert level via e-mail or text, and override any PC on the network to ensure the highest visibility of alert status.

A browser-based application that functions across LAN, Wi-Fi, WAN, or high-speed cellular service for maximum accessibility, CLASS is designed for stand-alone or integrated system operation. It can integrate with any system or device with an IP address providing authorized responders with the additional ability to view live cameras, change access control permissions, lock doors, and more. CLASS also provides for event archiving, with chronological event sequences that can capture who/what/when/where information, providing an audit trail to support event re-creation and review if needed. Because CLASS is an embedded appliance, there are no annual hosting fees.

Sielox CLASS has been successfully deployed in school districts across the U.S. It is being utilized to issue medical alerts on school playgrounds in the event a child is injured during recess to quickly dispatch emergency personnel to the site. The product is also being utilized by teachers for morning check-in to let administrators know that they and their students are in the building. Each classroom is represented by a different color and a different square on CLASS, so school administrators know the status of every connected classroom. In the event of an incident, a chat box will pop up for all CLASS users where communication can take place.

CLASS also gives first responders and administrators a clear picture of where students and teachers are at any given moment and helps alert and notify first responders and administrators of an intruder’s location in a lockdown situation. In the event of a lockdown, teachers receive notification and receive a bullet list of instructions on what to do with two camera views of the hallway outside their classroom. This allows teachers to see if there’s any danger outside the doorway so they can better decide if it’s safe to exit the area.