Emerson Unveils Digital Valve Controller

The digital valve controller uses Advice at the Device technology to convert raw data into actionable information with Bluetooth capability.


Emerson's Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller
Emerson’s Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller

Emerson announced their Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller, which features Advice at the Device technology with embedded computing and analytics that convert raw data into actionable information locally with Bluetooth capability. Thus, allowing maintenance personnel to receive the data via their phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly without having to be in a control room at the plant location. 

Digital valve controllers are available as accessories for control and on-off valves to provide local analysis of valve data, digital communications with host systems, and other features. These features improve uptime by alerting personnel to developing problems, reduce maintenance costs by providing the actionable information required for proactive rather than reactive maintenance, and cut troubleshooting time in the event of an issue by providing recommended corrective actions. For example, a control valve may be reacting slowly to commands requiring it to move, which is often an early sign of impending issues. The DVC7K will recognize this type of condition, alert personnel, and provide recommendations for fixing the problem.

The DVC7K interprets data to create an optimized path to action by combining patented technology, experience-based algorithms, and continuous real-time analytics with flexible connectivity and simple integration. It uses powerful, real-time, and onboard edge computing to analyze issues and create actionable information, providing real-time awareness of valve health by analyzing data locally via its on-board diagnostics. If analysis reveals a problem, an alert is created, which can be viewed locally or remotely, providing the information required to streamline the required processes. All alerts include recommended actions to fix the diagnosed problem.

Previously, digital valve controller data had to go through a host system to be processed and prepared for viewing, however, with the DVC7K system, its data is now accessible without requiring access to the host software. All information can be viewed at the DVC7K’s local user interface, nearby via Emerson Secure Bluetooth wireless technology, or remotely after it is transmitted via a wired digital network to a host, such as a distributed control or asset management system. The local user interface provides indication of valve health at a glance via LEDs, and users can drill down from the interface home screen to find more information. Emerson Secure Bluetooth enables access to one or more digital valve controllers at distances up to 30 feet from any device capable of supporting Bluetooth, such as a smartphone or tablet.  

The digital valve controller can be specified for new valve purchases and can be retrofitted to most existing valve installations.

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