Energy Management Solutions Product Focus

These energy management solutions will help keep your facility running efficiently, while meeting your energy and sustainability goals.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the June 2023 Issue

Consider this assortment of energy management solutions to help keep your facility running efficiently, while meeting your energy and sustainability goals.

Energy Management Solutionse-Platch
by Toppan

Toppan developed a sensing system for remotely monitoring abnormal sounds, such as metal on metal impacts and friction, that do not occur during normal operation at factories and facilities.

e-Platch is an integrated monitoring system that can enhance overall risk management at manufacturing plants by automatically collecting environmental data, such as effluent water level and hydrogen ion concentration. ZETA,1 a next-generation Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network protocol, is used to send data from sensor devices to the monitoring system. Adding sound sensors to the lineup of devices compatible with e-Platch can drive greater efficiency for maintenance and inspection work by promptly identifying equipment abnormalities and indicating when machinery parts need to be replaced. e-Platch was created to target manufacturing and facility management companies as well as a wide range of other industries.

The system consists of sound sensors and a data browsing application and is provided exclusively as a tool for e-Platch, Toppan’s smart solution for supporting equipment inspection. It can detect abnormal sounds from equipment and distinguish them from the normal background noise, trigger alerts, and output reports of abnormalities detected.

Energy Management SolutionsRooftop Wind Solution
by Aeromine Technologies

A new bladeless wind energy solution designed to integrate with building electrical systems and existing solar energy systems is helping commercial property owners meet increasing demands for on-site renewable energy. Aeromine Technologies’ scalable, motionless system easily installs on the edge of a building generating up to 50% more energy at the same cost as rooftop solar PV.

Unlike noisy and visually intrusive wind turbines that rely on rotating rotor blades, are prone to maintenance issues, and can harm or kill birds, Aeromine is motionless. The technology leverages aerodynamics similar to airfoils on a race car to capture and amplify each building’s airflow. Requiring just 10% of the roof space needed by solar panels, the stationary, silent, and durable Aeromine unit generates around-the-clock energy in any weather. Aeromine systems consist of 20-40 units installed on the edge of a building facing the predominant wind direction. Designed to work seamlessly with a building’s existing electrical system, the combination of Aeromine’s wind solution with rooftop solar can generate up to 100% of a building’s on-site energy needs, while minimizing the need for energy storage.

Energy Management SolutionsVerifEye Submetering Line
by Leviton

Leviton introduced the VerifEye Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters. The meters are designed to monitor a comprehensive data set of electrical parameters for industrial applications.

Ideal for power distribution panels and custom panel shops, these meters fit in a standard 92mm x 92mm panel mount cutout and are offered with a range of Split Core and Rogowski smart current transformers (CTs) to cover a broad range of applications.

Industrial processing facilities are major consumers of electricity and other utilities that often need to monitor industrial processes for profitability. The VerifEye Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters are ideal solutions for budget-minded facilities looking to monitor energy-intensive processes and manage energy consumption for cost reduction.

This addition to the VerifEye submetering line is available in either Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet) interfaces and offers ease of integration with standard snap-in mounting, auto-ranging CTs, and a configuration wizard.

The Series 6000 Panel Mount Meters allow end users to set thresholds as part of energy demand reduction programs and participate in demand response programs.

Energy Management SolutionsDirectional Destratification Fan

Greenheck’s added to its product line with the addition of model DDF, a directional destratification fan that improves comfort and reduces energy costs by efficiently mixing air from floor to ceiling for uniform temperature distribution. The high performance direct drive model DDF is available in three sizes and performance levels: a 10” diameter for ceilings up to 25’, a 12” diameter for ceilings up to 45’, and a 14” diameter for ceilings up to 60”. Model DDF features an aerodynamically optimized housing for maximum airflow, throw distance, and coverage area and includes Greenheck’s Vari-Green electronically commutated (EC) motor and controls technology for maximum efficiency and controllability.

A universal ceiling mount and plug-and-play wiring allow for easy installation. The directional destratification fan is ideal as a standalone unit for providing air circulation in tight spaces or in tandem with AMPLIFY HVLS overhead fans in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications, especially in buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


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