EnerSavings Introduces Valve To Reduce Water Bills

The Watergater Valve is used to reduce water bills by compressing air in water lines that can affect meter accuracy.

EnerSavings introduced the innovative Watergater Valve to reduce water bills by condensing air in your water lines to increase meter accuracy.

By compressing the air in the water line, making water meter readings more accurate, the Watergater Valve ensures businesses are only paying for the water they actually use. This can result in a monthly reduction in water bills by up to 25%.

The proprietary technology in Watergater Valve creates an area of laminar flow upstream through and downstream of the water meter by creating a specific degree of compression.

Many business owners might not realize how much money they are wasting on their water bill. Not so much by using too much water in their operations, but by paying for air that is in the pipes that deliver the water to their faucets, hoses, and other implements.

The innovative valve is an effective solution in a number of environments, particularly where water consumption is heavy: condominiums, commercial and industrial businesses, property management companies, manufacturing, and assisted living and retirement communities.

Distributed in Canada by EnerSavings, the Watergater Valve comes with a 10-year warranty and a 180-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

And installation is a hassle-free process. EnerSavings will perform a free audit of the facility’s water consumption (based on water bills over the previous year) and build a detailed and fully customized proposal that includes the return on investment and payback. The unit is then installed on the water line, and the savings begin.

Once installed, EnerSavings monitors the results with a monthly analysis report for six months to prove savings. If the Watergater Valve isn’t performing as promised and the savings guaranteed don’t materialize, EnerSavings will remove the Watergater Valve and reimburse the client in full.

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