enMotion On Market For 10 Years

The classic enMotion dispenser

This year, Georgia-Pacific Professional is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its enMotion automated dispensing systems for washrooms, breakrooms, and foodservice areas. To date, more than three million of the touchless towel dispensers have been installed in facilities.

The company’s classic 10″ enMotion dispenser has a 97% satisfaction rating among its customers (Source: Directions Research, Inc. May 2007). And the line of dispensers continues to evolve to meet the needs of customers in various areas of facilities nationwide.

Through the years, Georgia-Pacific Professional has evolved the enMotion family of dispensers to provide improved hygiene solutions by offering sleeker design options for enhanced image, waste reduction benefits, and maintenance efficiencies. Georgia-Pacific Professional also has added several line extensions including automated touchless soap and sanitizer systems for fast response, no-touch dispensing that helps minimize cross contamination risks.