EnviroMax Vented Exhaust Enclosures

These HEMCO workstations are built to protect robotic processes from contamination and personnel from hazardous fumes

EnviroMax Vented Exhaust Enclosures from HEMCO Corporation are built to protect robotic processes from contamination and personnel from potentially hazardous fumes, vapors, and odors. They are engineered and built to exact customer size and design requirements.

Vented Exhaust EnclosuresOffered unitized and modular, EnviroMax encloses robots and other lab automated processes by providing exhaust air systems. These workstations connect to in-house exhaust systems or dedicated exhaust blowers, to provide the internal negative pressure needed to safely remove hazardous fumes from the work area. Air supply into the enclosure is supplied from the surrounding lab environment.

Unitized EnviroMax Vented Exhaust Enclosures measure 4′, 5′, 6′, or 8′ wide and 30″ or 36″ deep to allow passage through doorways for easy onsite setup. The vent duct is sized to airflow requirements. Modular EnviroMax Vented Exhaust Enclosures measure 6′, 8′, 10′, or 12′ wide by 48″ and 60″ deep. They require on-site assembly prior to setup and vent ducting. Both types are 46″ high and have pre-wired electrical connections to single point junction box. Custom sizes are available.

The superstructure is welded steel framework with a chemical resistant white powder-coated finish. Side and rear walls are made of clear acrylic or tempered glass. The ceiling is constructed of molded composite resin with the outlet duct connection collar sized for desired air volume. A slotted ceiling baffle allows air to flow evenly through the interior area into the exhaust plenum. The front of the exhaust enclosures feature horizontal sliding shatterproof clear viewing panels, four panels on two tracks allow access at any position. Fluorescent light is factory installed and sealed behind a clear lens and a light switch is mounted on the front post. All electrical components are U.L. listed.

EnviroMax Vented Exhaust Enclosures provide an economical and flexible workspace that exceeds stringent contamination requirements. Options include access on any or all sides, vertical slide or hinged doors, base cabinets, anodized aluminum and stainless steel framing, plumbing and electrical service fixtures, multi-plug strips, airflow alarms, support benches and work surfaces, exhaust HEPA or carbon filters, and other materials of construction.