Envoy Deliveries Expedites Mailroom Operations

Whether packages are delivered to a large mailroom or the front desk, this new app from Envoy automates the receiving, sorting, and pick up of these items.

Box, Coinbase, Ekventbrite, Jawbone, Lyft, Okta, Pixar Animation Studios, Pandora, and Yelp all use a technology from Envoy to automate mundane workplace management tasks. Envoy introduced this technology in 2013 through which visitor check-ins are automated, where office doors will unlock automatically when the occupant arrives, and where employees can book a meeting room by walking through the door.

Envoy Deliveries is an app that streamlines package delivery within the workplace.

Last week, Envoy introduced its next workplace management tool, Envoy Deliveries. This new technology automates the time consuming tasks receiving, sorting and dispensing the myriad of packages that are delivered to offices, whether it’s to a large mailroom operation or a single front desk. The new app allows whomever is receiving packages at a facility to snap a picture of the label, which automatically generates an email to the package recipient and then sends daily reminders. Some of Envoy’s Beta users, including Slack, Box, Github and Mindspace, have reported saving hours of time per day using the application.

After introducing its visitor check-in system four years ago Envoy began to consider other areas of an office that experiences bottlenecks. Larry Gadea, founder and CEO of Envoy, writes, “We gave it considerable thought and realized the answer was right in front of us: It was manifested in the mountains of deliveries piled up on front desks, in boxes overflowing from mailrooms into hallways, and in customers asking us, ‘So, uh, what do we do when packages arrive and not just visitors?’ Unfortunately we had to admit we didn’t have a good answer.”

That led the company to develop Envoy Deliveries for package management. The app:

  • Instantly records incoming deliveries in the mailroom or other location by snapping a photo
  • Automatically alerts employees when their deliveries arrive (Envoy uses OCR (optical character recognition) to automate all processes)
  • Keeps sending reminders until deliveries actually get picked up
  • Stays fully informed with inventory logs and at-a-glance analytics

It’s a simple concept that solves a common problem. Envoy asked some of its customers to test Envoy Deliveries before introducing it to the market last week. Mina Choe of workplace experience for Thumbtack, said, “Envoy Deliveries has been fantastic for our team. Deliveries has expedited our mail management process and employees are much better about picking up their packages. We also love that we can assign nicknames and delay notifications, which gives us time to drop off packages at their designated areas.”