EPDM Roof Walkway Pad By Firestone Building Products

roof maintenanceFirestone Building Products has introduced the EcoWhite™ QuickSeam™ Walkway Pad equipped with QuickSeam Tape, allowing the pad to be secured to the primed RubberGard™ EcoWhite™ EPDM Platinum™ Membrane. Through its tensile strength, durability, and tear resistance, this walkway pad protects a facility’s roof membrane from potential damage caused by foot traffic during roof maintenance as well as from weather conditions. The material also allows for cold weather flexibility.

Ideal areas on the roof for this walkway pad include at all access points (ladders, hatches, doorways, etc.) to the roof; around all mechanical equipment which will require maintenance; and as a walkway system on roofs subjected to traffic more frequently than once per month.

Each EcoWhite QuickSeam Walkway Pad is 30″ x 30″ x .300″ thick. The QuickSeam Tape is factory laminated to the walkway pads, in three rows of 3″ wide tape, or two rows of 7″ wide tape.