ErgoIQ From Humanscale

New web-based program allows employers to complete ergonomic self-evaluations for entire workforce in under 20 minutes.

After identifying the need for an accessible, ergonomic evaluation tool for both professionals and practitioners, Humanscale’s leading ergonomists have developed ErgoIQ. The new web-based program features a user-friendly interface that guides individuals through a thorough audit of his or her workstation in just 5-15 minutes, depending on one’s current office equipment, and offers adjustment guidance along with a comprehensive “Fit Score.” Two versions of the program will be available this spring: ErgoIQ Self Assessment (ErgoIQ SA) and ErgoIQ Pro for ergonomists, facilities managers, and HR professionals.

Humanscale ErgoIQ Ergonomic Self-EvaluationsErgoIQ SA enables computer users to configure their workstations for optimal health and comfort with an intuitive Q&A format. The program quickly identifies potential sources of discomfort and generates a tailored improvement strategy for each employee. Recognizing that most people do not fully understand how to apply ergonomics principles to their workstations, ErgoIQ SA provides simple, straightforward visuals that guide users through the adjustment process. ErgoIQ SA does more than pinpoint the workstation areas that need adjustment; it goes a step further by providing a report for the company’s ergonomist, facilities manager or HR professional and alerts them to workstations that require additional attention. The report generated for the company’s ergonomist or facilities manager uses a rules-based algorithm to generate equipment recommendations, further streamlining the assessment process to improve the health and comfort of each and every employee.

Humanscale ErgoIQ Ergonomic Self-EvaluationsErgoIQ Pro is a practitioner-level tool which enables professionals to conduct comprehensive onsite or virtual assessments. It offers robust and consistent individual and company-wide reporting. Three assessment levels are available based on the level of reporting required.

“Our team of certified ergonomists has first-hand experience managing the inefficiencies of today’s ergonomic assessment programs,” says Jonathan Puleio, Managing Director of Humanscale Consulting and board certified professional ergonomist. “Our clients have been struggling to keep up with assessment requests and equipment-related problems for years. Current approaches are filled with dozens of manual processes that translate into lengthy delays and leave employees working with unacceptable discomfort levels. Our team saw an opportunity to streamline the process by merging the knowledge of experts with technology. Almost every component of the assessment process ranging from employee training and education to reporting to managing approvals has been addressed with ErgoIQ.

“ErgoIQ debuts at a critical time,” he continued. “Not only do employers need to meet the evolving needs of a gradually aging workforce, but research continues to expose the link between workplace design and musculoskeletal health. Armed with insights from ErgoIQ, companies can implement better ergonomic practices that will improve health outcome and reduce overall costs.”