New Product Flash: Executive Series Quick Cart by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is introducing its Executive Series Quick Cart, a durable mini-cart system designed to provide cleaning, maintenance, and other facility staff members a productive and innovative tool with which to perform facility maintenance discreetly and efficiently.maintenance-carts

The compact design of Quick Cart provides a discreet appearance as cleaning staff travel around the facility. Ergonomics were also considered in the product design, and staff can easily maneuver these carts due to their lightweight, durable construction. Meanwhile, QuickCart’s versatile compartments allow for multiple configurations and uses for housekeeping, maintenance, and other departments.

Executive Series Quick Cart from Rubbermaid is designed to be ergonomic and discreet in facility settings.Executive Series Quick Carts are available in three sizes—Small (weighs 12.25 pounds; 30 pound capacity), Medium (weighs 14.25 pounds; 40 pound capacity), and Large (weighs 18 pounds; 60 pound capacity). An aluminum telescoping handle provides comfort and dependability for heavy daily use, while ball-bearing wheels are designed for reduced noise and heavy-duty use. Treated with Dupont Teflon fabric protector, the carts repels water, oil, and other staining agents. The inner liner is also treated with fabric protector and is removable for easy cleaning or replacement. Accessories include caddies, replacement liners, and plastic pocket liners.