ETC’s Small, Lightweight Spot Fixture

ColorSource Spot jr is available in two array options with built-in zoom and color consistency

ColorSource Spot jr is an addition to the ColorSource family of affordable ETC fixtures. At 12 pounds, it is nearly half the weight of a full-sized ColorSource Spot fixture and is available in two array options—Original (up to 5,708 lumens) for subtle pastels and white light to enhance skin tones, and Deep Blue (up to 5,426 lumens) for more saturated, dramatic colors. Built-in 25° to 50° zoom is suitable for small stages, club spaces, and retail, with both longer and shorter throws.Spot Fixture

ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency with 3200K or 5600K CCTs. ColorSource Spot jr features a four-color mixing system—red, green, blue, and lime LED emitters for Standard/Original, and red, green, indigo, and lime for Deep Blue. The hint of lime increases spectral reach and color depth. Spot FixtureIn addition, a thermal management algorithm ensures the colors chosen in rehearsal are the colors seen during the show. With thermal droop compensation, ETC custom software adjusts for the changes that naturally occur as LEDs heat up and cool down so users never have to worry about color shift. A seven-segment display and navigation buttons enable quick setup and recall of built-in presets.

ColorSource Spot jr offers third-party lifetime testing, and includes a five year warranty on the entire fixture and a 10-year warranty on the LED array. ETC also provides 24/7/365 phone support.


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