EV2 Energy Monitoring Equipment

The next generation of the Verdigris energy meters provide native Ethernet support, native 480V delta support, and wider operating temperature range

EV2 is the next generation of Verdigris’ monitoring equipment with native Ethernet support, native 480V delta support, and wider operating temperature range. The sensors monitor any indoor or outdoor electricity main, distribution panel feed, or circuit breaker in any building. Users receive real-time data down to the minute for all of their equipment, along with actionable insights assisted by AI.

Monitoring EquipmentData is transmitted securely via 4G LTE, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), or Ethernet (100/1000 Mbps – RJ-45), stored on the cloud, and available 24/7 on any desktop web browser. Data is also available through CSV export, API, and integration via BACnet IP or Modbus TCP. BMS integration allows for utilization of existing infrastructure. This provides insights such as identifying deteriorating equipment to ensure operational adjustments can be made and downtime is prevented.

EV2 advanced energy meters work with a range of electricity main switchboards, sub-panels, MCCs, and breaker boxes. The Energy Data Gateway mounts external to the monitored breaker panel, or on a nearby wall or junction box. The monitoring equipment offers support for an external power adapter and a real-time clock with battery backup.

Measurement items include Energy, Voltage, Current, Active Power, Apparent Power Factor, Time Average Current, Time Average Active Power, Local Temperature, Reactive Power, Current Waveform Peak Value, Voltage Waveform Peak Value, Total Harmonic Distortion, Total Harmonic Current Distortion, Voltage Fundamental Waveform, Current Fundamental Waveform, Active Fundamental Waveform, Harmonic Voltage Content %, Harmonic Current Content %, and more.

Verdigris offers two types of current transformers: Verdigris Smart CTs for sensor individual circuit breakers (< 60 A) in tight spaces, and High current hinged CTs or Rogowski Coils for larger amperage circuits. High Current CTs connect to the data chain using the Verdigris High Current CT Interface Module adapter.

Verdigris provides a fully vertical solution for a seamless data analytics experience. With the Verdigris proprietary dashboard and platform users can utilize the EV2 to its fullest capabilities. For unique use cases, a robust Data API allows for custom application development.

Verdigris provides turn-key, white glove support for the EV2 monitoring equipment, along with assistance in several forms—from documentation and training videos to direct support, if users do their own installation.


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