EvaClean and EarthSafe Unite Tech To Prevent Mold Damage

OnePro Mold Remediation Kit helps mitigate mold damage resulting from floods and hurricanes by combining two chemical technologies.

EarthSafe and EvaClean have combined chemical technologies into one system. The result is the OnePro Mold Remover and Protectant System, a safer, more effective remediation solution that stops damage before it starts, first eliminating mold and mildew with EvaClean’s PurOne hospital-grade cleaner and disinfectant, then sealing surfaces to inhibit growth with EarthSafe’s XMold Pro Polymer Coating. OnePro is designed to start working before mold begins to develop, while water is still present or receding, significantly reducing the risks for exposure and potential for damage.

Preventing mold not only protects property but, human health as well. Fungi (mold) produces spores and can create dangerous mycotoxins that cause respiratory health issues. Moreover, mold-infested areas are more prone to bacterial growth and exponential contamination. Beyond water emergencies, mold is a ubiquitous problem that continually impacts facilities everywhere. Not only is it responsible for causing innumerable health conditions but it destroys more wood annually than fires and termites combined. This is particularly concerning in school and hospital environments, as well as other public spaces where moisture is often present.

The NaDCC chemistry in PurOne has a neutral pH and is safer than bleach or other mold cleaners that can cause health issues and are corrosive to surfaces. PurOne is an EPA-registered bactericide, virucide, and fungicide that cleans and disinfects in one step to kill mold, mildew, and other pathogens in four minutes, including aspergillosis, a leading cause of infection-related deaths in immunocompromised patients.

XMold Pro is non-toxic and requires no protective clothing to apply. It is the only mold, mildew, and algae inhibitor with patented Superstratum Adaptive Smart Polymer technology which forms a fungicidal barrier that protects for as long as five years. Not only is XMold Pro water resistant, but water activated, releasing EPA-registered actives to prevent microbial growth in humid and wet conditions. By comparison, other products are inactivated by as little as 10% humidity. In fact, many encapsulated polymer coatings entrap moisture decomposing the material beneath while also accumulating dirt, which allows mold to regrow on the surface. Conversely, XMold Pro functions like breathable mesh, opening and closing in response to moisture.

OnePro is safe for fabrics, carpet, cement, tile, and many other porous and nonporous surfaces and protects against mold degradation both indoor and outdoor.

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