Everest 870HP Truckmount

A culmination of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific innovative engineering

The Everest 870HP brings together the best of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific technology in a truckmount designed for cleaning and restoration professionals. Legend Brands has paired a four-cylinder engine with a vacuum blower to deliver power, performance, and durability with a five year warranty.truckmount

“The 870HP is designed for anyone looking for no-limits performance,” said Dennis Bruders, VP of Marketing. “This machine will easily rise to the challenge of multi-wand operators cleaning large commercial spaces and those who want to increase their efficiency and profits for water damage extraction.”

Components of the Everest 870HP include a liquid-cooled 57 HP fuel-injected Kubota four-cylinder gasoline engine (emissions-compliant in all U.S. states), an industrial Eurus vacuum blower, and a General pump rated up to 2,500 PSI.

truckmountThe product’s E-Idle system allows operators to idle-down the engine with a quick pull of the wand trigger and reduce fuel consumption by up to 23%. All exhaust components are treated with a Cerakote® nanotech coating, which lowers their radiant heat levels by 30% or more. This helps to keep the truckmount cooler and reduce heat-related wear on components.

The Everest 870HP’s ample heat output is precisely regulated by a Thermalogic® control system with four preset heat levels. The truckmount produces this heat with two systems. First, a plate heat exchanger collects heat from the engine coolant and directs it through the patented fin tube heat exchanger, which collects additional energy from the engine exhaust and blower and transfers it to the solution. The result is a system that warms up quickly, runs cooler, and produces hotter cleaning solution.

truckmountThe Everest 870HP console measures 43″ W x 42″ H x 53″ D. The truckmount delivers 2,500 PSI of heated solution at 5.6 gallons per minute, making it a suitable choice for hard surface cleaning and general pressure washing. Operation with one, two, or three wands delivers maximum extraction and a chemical simulator allows adjustment of chemical flow without having to trigger the wand.

“The machine’s relatively compact footprint makes it ideal for installation in the Ford Transit or Ram Promaster van platforms,” adds Bruders. “Put this unit in one of those vehicles and contractors can easily expand the capacity, flexibility, and profitability of their operation.”

The Everest 870HP includes a 120 gallon waste tank, 14″ six-jet titanium wand with PTFE glide, 150′ of 2″ vacuum hose, 150′ of ¼” high pressure solution hose, 50′ water supply hose with quick connect, two 2″ vacuum hose couplers, stainless steel pre-filter box, five gallon chemical jug and holder, fuel pump and filter installation kit, group 24 battery box, installation hardware, and operation and service manual.