Exterior Projection 500 Image Projector

An IP66 rated short- and long-range projector for exterior displays.

The Exterior™ Projection 500 is an image projector from Martin by HARMAN. It is a creative fixture for the integration of light textures and graphics in outdoor lighting applications that can project crisp images and striking lighting patterns on buildings and structure exteriors such as stadiums, arenas, hotels, theme parks, and convention centers.

image projectorThe Exterior Projection 500 is for close-range and long-range use. The fixture’s flat field, high-contrast image projection is based on a high-power 230 watt white light LED engine with a CRI of 72 and a 6,500 lumen output. It can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection as well as precision framing. The Exterior Projection 500 features four layers of dynamic effects (colors, gobos, animation, prisms/frost) and rotating prisms for creating abstract pattern projections. It is available with a choice of four beam angle options from narrow to wide—11°, 20°, 36°, and 46°.

Dynamic effects:

  • Color wheel: eight interchangeable colors plus open
  • Gobo wheel: six rotating gobos plus open, indexing, variable rotation
  • Gobo animation: Variable speed linear animation effect
  • Prism: Prism wheel with two interchangeable prisms, prism rotation and indexing
  • Frost (wash effect): Motorized variable
  • Focus: Motorized, variable 9.8′ to infinity
  • Shutter: Strobe and pulse effects, instant open and blackout
  • Dimming: Electronic, constantly variable 0-100%, 16-bit control

image projectorThe Exterior Projection 500 is constructed of a cast aluminum 
housing with a hard anodized, metallic grey lacquered 
finish. The front is 0.2″ anti-reflection coated tempered glass. The fixture is IP66-rated for permanent outdoor installations, IK08 impact resistant (with control panel display cover plate installed), and RoHS compliant.

The Exterior Projection 500 is intuitive to use, easy to configure, and can be programmed through its own OLED display, or with RDM and DMX (13 channels) controllers. The image projector can be installed in any orientation (sides must be kept vertical) and mounted using an adjustable yoke. Minimum distance to the illuminated surfaces is 20″.

The Exterior Projection 500 measures 16.4″ L x 11.6″ W x 17½” H and weighs 33.1 pounds.