Facial Access Gets A Security Boost With Veridas Flow Terminals

The new Veridas Flow platform ensures secure and convenient access to physical spaces through identity-verified enrollment.

Veridas FlowVeridas has launched the “Flow” platform, a new range of facial access terminals designed to offer maximum security, strength and modernity in response to the growing demand for robust security systems.

Veridas Flow ensures secure and convenient access to physical spaces. Through identity-verified enrollment, users can access different spaces using these terminals. The platform integrates with market-leading access control systems, ticketing systems and government entities to enable various use cases, such as event access and entry to sports stadiums or corporate offices. Additionally, it includes identity management and monitoring software that centralizes all information in real-time, optimizing resources and facilitating informed business decisions.

Benefits of Veridas Flow

Veridas has over 80 global customers using the Veridas Flow platform daily in various use cases, including access to events, stadiums and sports clubs, improving user experience and security. It is also used in corporate buildings to optimize security and visitor and employee management, as well as in gaming halls to prevent underage access and many other areas.

The benefits provided by the platform are as follows:

  • Maximum security and fraud prevention: Registration with identity verification can be completed remotely or in person from any electronic device.
  • Enhanced user experience: Ultra-fast, queue-free access, thanks to Veridas’ facial biometrics engine, rated by NIST as one of the best in the world.
  • Easy integration: Compatible with access control, ticketing and government systems without changing infrastructure.
  • Resource optimization: Identity management and business intelligence software that allows managing users and monitoring in real-time, obtaining a significant ROI in less than a year.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Environments

Veridas Flow has developed three models of facial access terminals to meet different needs and cover access in different environments and use cases:

  • Play: This versatile terminal features a 10-inch display, perfect for indoor and outdoor environments. It offers multiple authentication options, including facial recognition, compatibility with our Zero Data ID system, QR codes, and NFC readers.
  • ZeroData: Built for harsh weather conditions, Storm provides robust security outdoors. This model utilizes two-factor authentication with a camera and ZeroData ID reader, eliminating data storage on the device for maximum security.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

All Veridas systems operate with active user participation (proximity sensor or biometric QR) based on user consent. All the solutions adhere to relevant regulations, including GDPR, EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) and CCPA for data protection and privacy, ISO 27001 for information security management, SOC 2 for service organization controls, and NIST and iBeta certifications for technical and performance standards.

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