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Michael A. Beauregard of IBM, Steve Weikal of the MIT Real Estate Technology Initiative, and Suri Suriyakumar of ARC Facilities explore the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on facilities management.

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Facilities Management In The Post-Pandemic Era

Facilities Management Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in how people think and operate their businesses. Facilities Management is no exception.

There are several elements which are at the forefront of senior management — largely related to business continuity, safety and security of building occupants — including the ability to operate with smaller teams, the need to protect facility tribal knowledge, and the ability to take custody of building information.

In this round table discussion, Michael A. Beauregard, Global Category Leader for IBM; Steve Weikal, Industry Chair for the MIT Real Estate Technology Initiative; and Suri Suriyakumar, CEO of ARC Facilities, explore:

  • Lessons learned from the Pandemic. Have the rules of engagement changed?
  • Ways building owners can lower operating costs, increase staff productivity, and minimize risks to business continuity.
  • The confusing and antiquated way building information is currently stored at most facilities, and offer solutions to information bottlenecks.
  • Challenges impacting technicians in the field, including travel time and lack of easy access to building information needed to perform daily tasks.
  • Why retirements and resignations have such an adverse effect on stopping simple incidents from escalating into costly catastrophes.

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Facilities Management In The Post-Pandemic Era Webinar

Facilities Management Post-Pandemic