Facilities Resource Group TTS Synergy Series Tankless Rack System

FRG high-performance tankless rack system offers “plug-and-play” setup with fewer onsite hookups to speed water heater installation.

Facilities Resource Group, LLC (FRG), a provider of single-source, turnkey commercial domestic hot water solutions, unveiled the TTS Synergy Series tankless rack system to help engineers, contractors, and commercial facility owner-managers streamline and accelerate the process of changing out a centralized water heating system.
Facilities Resource Group TTS Synergy Series Tankless Rack System

The result is a powerful, high-performance, tankless rack system with a turndown ratio of 66:1 that will provide more than 1,600 gallons of hot water per hour, yet is compact enough to fit through a standard mechanical room doorway. Most importantly, TTS systems are pre-engineered and prefabricated to install quickly and without complications, minimizing costly downtime for commercial operators.

One Point of Connection

The most compelling aspect of this total tankless solution is its dynamic, One Point of Connection feature. TTS multi-unit assemblies are designed and built at FRG’s Michigan facilities, and then shipped to the job site fully assembled.

The standard package consists of an aluminum frame rack holding from two to six Noritz NCC199CDV Commercial Condensing Water Heaters with maximum inputs of 199,900 Btu/hour and maximum flow rates of 11.1 gallons per minute. Also included are the system controller, water and gas manifolds, expansion tank, breaker box with circuit breakers, digital pump controller with timer, surge protector, building recirculation pump, and isolation valves — all pre-installed and pre-piped to the attached water heaters.

The prefabrication is so extensive, the installer needs to make only a single connection apiece for the water, power, gas, vent, condensate drain, and building-recirculation lines. These half dozen connections are a small fraction of the numerous, complex hookups technicians would need to make, were they to build the system from scratch.

In addition, the TTS is designed to be common vented, further reducing job site materials and wall and roof penetrations, as well as the labor needed to complete the combustion-air and exhaust systems.

Small Footprint, Ready Mobility

To further speed installation, the TTS offers a wheel kit option with commercial-grade casters to facilitate moving the rack from shipping crate to its final location. Measuring 80″ high and 31.5″ wide, regardless of the number of tankless units incorporated, the compact TTS rack will easily pass through a standard, mechanical-room doorway. Whether two, four or six heaters are combined, the multiple tankless units are carefully positioned within the aluminum frame to conserve space while maintaining all the necessary clearances for service.

Storage Tank Option

The TTS is available in 10 different configurations: from two to six tankless water heaters with and without a 120 Gallon storage tank. The latter is for commercial applications involving large spikes in demand, usually for short durations, that are best met through storage, rather than directly from a multi-unit tankless setup. Check valves are included, fully installed, to eliminate any chance of backflow contamination.

As with the other pre-installed components, completing the storage-tank installation involves a single connection to an ECM system pump, which moves heated water from the tankless heaters to the tank. With the ECM technology, gas flow through the burner is continuously modulated to match actual demand, rather than running all-out all the time. Besides maximizing efficiency and storage-tank recovery, combining tankless with storage also helps extend component life cycles.

Meanwhile, even with the addition of a storage tank, the TTS needs only a small fraction of the footprint a comparably sized, conventional commercial system with multiple tank water heaters would require.

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