Facility Condition Assessment Checklist And Guide For Building Owners & Operators

Get a step-by-step breakdown of the key elements of a facility condition assessment. Plus, discover the next evolution of FCAs — the “living” FCA.

Know The Actual Condition Of Your Assets

Facility condition assessments (FCAs) are a key component of good facility management. They focus on accurately identifying the current state of facilities as well as potential issues to plan and budget for.

FCA data is essential to:facility condition assessment

  • Plan major repairs and replacements
  • Create facilities budgets
  • Identify problem areas that need attention

However, conducting one is a lot of work (as you will see in the checklist provided) and costly. And despite all that effort, traditional FCA data doesn’t stay current and useful for very long.

Traditional FCAs are:

  • Static:  A snapshot of your facility at one point in time.
  • Hard to navigate:  FCA reports are typically tens of thousands of pages long.
  • Started from scratch every time:  There’s no easy way to keep adding to a paper/pdf file.
  • Expensive:  Re-doing one from the ground up is time-consuming and costly.

Download this comprehensive checklist and guide for:

  • A checklist of the key components to conduct your own FCA with paper or spreadsheets
  • An introduction to the “living” FCA
  • The 4 ways you benefit by bringing life to your FCA data

Click here to download the
FCA Checklist and Guide for Building Owners & Operators! 

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