Facility Disinfection Program

Betco’s Smart Tools™ Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program provides evidence-based infection control strategies for a tactical game plan that puts the minds of facility leadership and occupants at ease.

As facilities begin to reopen amid ongoing COVID-19 concerns, advanced disinfection services will serve as the keystone of success for public health and economic outcomes. The new Smart Tools Enhanced Facility Disinfection Program from Betco® provides the framework and confidence to ensure healthy facilities needed by in-house and contract cleaners during and beyond this crucial period.disinfection program

Combining evidence-based infection control strategies supported by agencies such as the CDC, EPA, and FDA with tactics to put the minds of facility leadership and occupants at ease, this five-step Facility Disinfection Program is a weapon against infectious diseases.

1. Site Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Prior to entering any facility for enhanced disinfection project work, perform a site assessment and ensure that you have the proper PPE. A proper site assessment will allow you to gather the full range of information relevant to the project.

  • Identify Your Facility Hazards: Biological, Chemical, Physical
  • Create Your Work Plan – There are several areas and factors to consider when writing up a work plan to clean and disinfect your facility. Be sure to consider quality and direction of indoor airflow, presence of electricity or running water, proper training of Staff, and waste removal.
  • Determine the required PPE

2. The Right Application Method and Disinfectant
Disinfection ProgramThe proper selection of the right application tools and ideal disinfectant is the most important process to meet your facilities requirements. Concentrated and ready-to-use EPA-approved disinfectant products prove to be your best tools.

  • Outline the PPE based upon site condition
  • Provide procedures for proper donning and doffing of PPE

3. Proper Infection Control Proceduresdisinfect stairs
Strategic work plans are translated into a detailed execution processes. Extensive infection control is achieved through integration of:

  • CDC-recommended procedures
  • EPA-approved disinfectants
  • FDA-registered hand hygiene products

4. Critical Touch Points
disinfection programIdentification and confirmation of critical high-touch surface disinfection objectives establishes a baseline for a successful disinfection program. With programs tailored to specific facility type, the focus shifts to prioritizing ongoing infection control maintenance. All reachable hard, non-porous surfaces can be disinfected, but critical touch points should be paid special attention.

5. Documentation of Tasks Performed
Documentation and communication provides reassurance to your employees, customers, and vendors that enhanced disinfection was completed according to the highest industry standards. Download certifications, table tents, wall signs and more and take advantage of these powerful messaging tools in your clean and disinfected healthy facility.