Facility Executive: April 2020 Issue

The April 2020 issue features HVAC and COVID-19, anti-drone technology, lighting trends, and more. Plus, our annual Readers' Choice Awards.

Facility Executive April 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Human ResourcefulnessAnne Cosgrove

A little more than one month ago, I took a day out of the office to attend a regional trade show nearby. As my colleague and I made the hour drive to the conference center, we agreed that we would avoid shaking hands with those we met at the exhibit booths or while walking the aisles. It was late February, and the concern about coronavirus (now COVID-19) was beginning to hit a new level in our state of New Jersey. Once on the show floor, I remembered my self-imposed ban on handshakes and refrained. But, soon enough I was shaking hands and back to the normal greeting virtually all of us utilize at these industry events. Thankfully, I’m in good health as I type this letter to you. But, what a difference one month makes. Here we are in the midst of this crisis, and depending where you are, waiting for “the curve to flatten.”

This situation is affecting us all, in more ways than I, as an individual, can imagine. And the perspectives and experiences are vast. But one thing I’d like to comment on is the resourcefulness of people around the world, but also the facility management and buildings industry. From remote working and learning to revamping manufacturing lines to produce medical PPE, and from donations to newly forged partnerships, our staff has had the privilege of having a window into how this industry is banding together to keep people safe, facilities operating, and more.

So, thank you facilities professionals. Thank you manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Thank you to the associations and other groups that have come together. Thank you to all who are doing your part to get through this crisis.




April 2020 Issue: Contents

April 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Anti-Drone Technology For Facilities | For security-sensitive sites, keep an eye to the sky.

The HVAC Factor: Paths to Improved Indoor Air Quality | Help improve indoor air quality with higher MERV ratings and supplemental filtration.

Facility Retrofit: Work Order System Streamlined | The Buckeye Elementary School District in Arizona implements facilities software to maintain its buildings and grounds.

Protecting Commercial Restrooms From Pests | Tackle each area of restroom facilities to maximize pest management efforts.

HVAC Filtration and COVID-19 | The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all aspects of facility management. This story provides insight on HVAC issues.

2020 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey, Facility Executive readers cast their votes for preferred product and service suppliers in 2019.

Networked Lighting Controls: Realize The Savings | Beyond energy savings, these lighting controls are a pathway to intelligent use of space and better building diagnostics.

Simulating Natural Light With LEDs | Looking for LED lighting to deliver color rendering that enhances visual comfort for occupants pays off.

Advancements in Smoke Detectors | The updated UL 268, Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems will be in effect June 2021.

Five Ways to Begin Energy Benchmarking | For actionable insight, buildings are increasingly tracking and comparing energy performance.

Data Center Trends to Watch in 2020 | Uptime Institute has identified factors impacting data centers for this year and beyond.

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