The April 2021 issue looks at lighting controls, disinfecting with UV-C technology, and data center trends. Plus, sprinkler systems and COVID-19 on campus.

Facility Executive April 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 2)

Editor’s Letter: Getting Back On Balance
Anne Cosgrove

As we move into the second year of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations that put a long pause on full occupancy in their facilities are welcoming people back to the buildings. The scope and speed of this transition varies by organization, and depends on a number of factors. But overall, a next phase seems to be upon society with facility management teams continuing to be a significant piece of the puzzle. And, traditional tasks and concerns important to the work of facility management remain. In all aspects, facility leaders continue to learn and strive forward to provide safe, efficient, comfortable environments. Many are back on balance, learning to operate in the new normal.

Lighting, always central to facilities, is being cast a new role as the industry learns more about the potential of UV lighting for healthy facilities. While used in HVAC and other areas of buildings for decades, the pandemic has spurred new interest and developments around UV-C light for healthy buildings. Our coverage of lighting extends to controls technology, with a look at a recent study on evolving costs of luminaire level lighting controls.

Meanwhile, ever-important aspects of facility management remain steadfast as priorities. We’ve covered some of these with an article on HVAC retrofits, fire sprinkler system maintenance, energy benchmarking, and a look at ADA compliance.

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April 2021 Issue: Contents

April 2021 Issue

Tech And FM: Data Center Trends To Watch In 2021 | Uptime Institute identifies five factors expected to impact data center facilities this year and beyond.

The HVAC Factor: Best Practices For HVAC Retrofits That Deliver | For best results, conduct a holistic evaluation of the systems already in place.

Get The Message: Reduce Water Use | Communicating conservation efforts can make a real difference. Plus, technology tools help to track water usage and goals.

2021 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey of Facility Executive readers, votes were cast for product and service suppliers preferred during 2020.

UV-C Lighting For Healthy Facilities | Ultraviolet light already was in use to disinfect pathogens.Now, it’s being deployed against COVID-19.

Trends In Lighting Controls | A recent study examines current costs to install luminaire level lighting controls in facilities.

Sprinkler Systems And Maintenance | Follow inspection, testing, and maintenance steps to ensure this active fire protection system is in compliance.

Sprinkler Systems And Freezing Weather | Protect facilities from water damage with equipment that maintains auxiliary drains year-round.

COVID-19 On Campus, One Year Later | For many in higher education, budgets are tighter than ever while the efficacy of facilities services remains in the spotlight.

A Look At Energy Benchmarking Options | Stuck in a rut? There is more than one way to benchmark energy in buildings and plants.

Accessibility And Facilities | Ask the right questions to implement ADA compliant solutions.

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