Facility Executive | August 2018 Issue

The August 2018 issue features facility security, including biometrics, school security, and stopping hackers. Plus, HVAC, roofing, restroom maintenance, lighting, and more.

August 2018 IssueFacility Executive: August 2018 Issue

Volume 31, Number 4

Professional Development: Keep Moving Forward | In the multi-faceted field of facilities, never stop learning.

Tech And FM: Securing Your Security Systems | Aim to prevent hackers from penetrating physical security devices.

The HVAC Factor: Looking For HVAC Zone Control? | Variable refrigerant flow technology may meet your facility’s needs.

Watch For Roofing Risks | Ensure the safety of those performing maintenance on rooftops.

Bringing Biometrics Into Facility Security | Before adopting this technology, look at three key areas that foster successful implementation.

Video Plus Audio Equals Enhanced Security | Extend reach and response by combining these security tools.

Strategies For School Security | Plan and act with intent and purpose to combat potential threats.

Technology In Restroom Maintenance | Data driven upkeep helps to reduce facility costs and complaints.

Sooner Or Later: Electrical System Failures | Be proactive with maintenance, rather than “run it till it fails.”

The More You Know About Bird Control… | When facility conditions attract pest birds, research and remediate.

Bright ideas In Lighting | A facility-wide retrofit focused on making a multi-family property more energy efficient and safe.

Hospitality, California Style | On the UCLA campus, the Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center inspires collaboration and innovation.

Snow And Ice Management For Facility Grounds | Improved communication between facility and service provider supports best practices.

Renewable Energy: Maximize Clean Energy Progress | Buildings are active players in the pursuit of energy efficiency goals.

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