Facility Executive: August 2020 Issue

The August 2020 issue looks at trends in safety and security in the time of COVID-19. Plus, roofing maintenance, pest management, and hospitality facilities.

Facility Executive August 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 4)

Editor’s Letter: Looking AheadAnne Cosgrove

As the Fall season approaches, many facilities teams evaluate what they have accomplished year-to-date and plan for the upcoming year. Understanding what is working well for sites, and looking at where and how to improve areas of operations and maintenance are top of mind come September. This time of year looks very different for facility management professionals—and, of course, you’re not alone. People in all walks of life and professions have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The last quarter of 2020 will be a challenge, but hopefully will be a time when new, effective protocols and processes begin to take hold.

This edition of the magazine addresses the evolution that facilities are undergoing, with articles that focus on the impacts of COVID-19 while also taking a look at everpresent facilities issues (see the roofing maintenance article and the pest management content). Security and safety are a focus in this issue with a look at the potential of audio for facility security. The safety coverage shares insights on social distancing strategies, accessibility issues, and preventing slip-fall incidents. As you and your teams continue to adapt to the new normal, we hope these articles will assist in your decision-making in moving forward.

And “the new normal” for hospitality facilities is discussed in two articles: The New Normal For Hospitality and Welcome Back: The New Hotel Stay. One of the hardest hit industries during the current crisis, hospitality facilities are finding ways to welcome back guests safely and comfortably. That, after all, is the goal of facility management leaders and their teams in every industry.




August 2020 Issue: Contents

August 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Cybersecurity And Facilities Systems | Assessment of OT/IoT infrastructure identifies vulnerabilities that can impact the organization as a whole.

The HVAC Factor: HVAC Systems and Reopening Buildings Amid COVID-19 | Examine your facility’s HVAC systems with airflow, filtration, and humidity conditions considered.

Drones And Roof Maintenance | Commercial roofing inspections can be made easier and more effective with this technology.

Listen Up: The Sound Of Security | Network audio solutions can be a critical element of facility security and safety systems.

Social Distancing In High-traffic Facilities | Plan, quantify, and reinforce is a strategy to keep people safe in dense occupancy spaces. Plus, five ways to improve accessibility during these times. And, prevent slip-fall incidents.

Laser Focused On Pest Birds | A new laser technology is well-suited to keep away pest birds from flat roofs and open spaces.

Pest Management Tips For Lodging Facilities | Take proactive measures to prevent infestations before these have a chance to materialize in these hospitality environments.

Find The Opportunity In Your Building Water Systems | Strike a balance between water safety and efficiency with a comprehensive water management program.

Five Tips For Hygienic Restrooms | Public spaces are scrutinized more than ever for cleanliness, and commercial restrooms are no exception.

The New Normal For Hospitality | As the hospitality industry adapts to the impact of COVID-19, guests and staff will encounter changes to put them at ease.

Welcome Back: The New Hotel Stay | Design is a key component of the guest experience, and adapting to the current climate will help ease worries.

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