Facility Executive: August 2023 Issue

The August 2023 issue explores the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in building operations, cyber attacks, workplace violence, extreme weather, and more.

Facility Executive August 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 4)

Editor’s Letter: A New Frontier

Jennifer GoetzArtificial intelligence (AI) has entered the mainstream and become a major focus for every industry—and will be for the foreseeable future. Many facility managers recognize this technology has existed for some time, but see that it will continue to be at the forefront of conversation as it develops before our eyes.

Time will tell how long the built environment will be able to fully integrate AI or Machine Learning (ML) platforms and capabilities. Many buildings already feature AI in small doses, and it’s especially helpful when it comes to taking care of any repetitive tasks. Of course, the emergence of generative AI in the last year is expected to further optimize smart buildings and present new opportunities for FMs. In this issue, we explore how AI has impacted facility management, and its potential complications.

Another focus this month is on building security and safety. Workplace violence was reportedly at a peak in July 2023—how do we protect our employees and patrons? To address this question, we cover topics in this issue that revolve around safety and security, including school safety, coping with extreme weather, and how to prepare for and prevent active assailant incidents.

Keeping facilities safe is the most important responsibility FMs have. With emerging threats, either from the implications of new technology, or even from insider threats—it’s critical to have plans in place to ensure business continuity now and for the future.

Jennifer Goetz




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August 2023 Issue: Features

August 2023 Issue
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Tech And FM: How Disinformation Could Derail OT Security Risk Management | Cyberattacks can have a major impact on OT security systems.

The HVAC Factor: Restoring Lost Efficiency In An Aging HVAC System | Oil additives can help recover lost performance efficiency.

Tactics To Maximize Your Roof’s Lifespan | Neglected roof maintenance and inappropriate user handling are responsible for shorter lifespans.

The AI Impact | Integrating artificial intelligence in building operations presents new opportunities and risks.

The Art And Science Of School Safety | A multilayered approach to school safety is critical.

A Luxurious Transformation | The Terrace Bay Hotel has undergone several renovations to create a high-end guest experience.

Under The Spotlight | Potawatomi Casino Hotel refreshed its parking garage lighting.

A Bold Solution To Infrastructure Planning | See how the town of Gilbert, AZ established and carried out its Long Range Infrastructure Plan.

Warmer Weather Brings The Bugs | Understand the types of pests that linger within commercial buildings in warmer weather.

Active Assailant Prevention And Response | Facility managers should evaluate their approach to preventing workplace violence on a yearly basis.

Standing Up To Extreme Weather | Routine inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) is a critical part of any facility manager’s role.

Mobile CMMS | Today, facility managers can do nearly everything operationally through mobile devices.

Focusing On Finances | Managing budgets while investing to improve buildings can be a balancing act.

Achieving Uninterruptable Power In Facilities | There are seven factors to consider when looking for a UPS system.

Product Focus: Pest Management & Bird Control | Doors & Locks | Security

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