Facility Executive | December 2018 Issue

The December 2018 issue features HVAC, roofing, energy management, false alarms, and green restrooms. Plus, a look at passing the facility leadership torch.

December 2018 issueFacility Executive: December 2018 Issue

Volume 31, Number 6

The HVAC Factor: Breakthroughs In Boiler Technology | Several innovations impact equipment design and performance.

Tech And FM: Synergistic Buildings And IOT | Data from a single facility system may offer information, while data from multiple systems can lead to profound insight.

Professional Development: Passing The Facility Leadership Torch | When a longtime leader is poised to depart, consider having the new hire shadow this predecessor.

Restoration Options Before Roof Replacement | Examine this facility asset to intervene with repairs or install new.

FM Solutions 2019 | As the new year approaches, these featured products are poised to further facility management goals.

Resilience In HVAC Design | A California community college installed flexible cooling and heating to adapt to the state’s changing energy landscape.

Mapping Energy Management | Adhere to a process when energy efficiency choices abound.

Fighting False Fire Alarms In Facilities | More than an annoyance, false and nuisance alarms can pose dangers to building occupants.

A Texas-sized Facility Assessment | The Lone Star State’s department of transportation needed a long-term plan created by a fast tracked process.

Status Check For Green Restrooms | Tap into plumbing advancements for water conservation.

Renewable Energy: Ease The Challenge Of Navigating Energy Policy | Keep these four ideas in mind when taking the next step in a corporate clean energy strategy.

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