Facility Executive | December 2019 Issue

The December 2019 Issue looks at HVAC, smart building technology, and the building envelope. Plus green restrooms and wayfinding with color.

Facility Executive: December 2019 Issue

Volume 32, Number 6

December 2019 IssueThe HVAC Factor: R-22 Phaseout Arrives In 2020 | The R-22 refrigerant phaseout is nearly complete. What happens next?

Tech And FM: Smart Buildings In Real Time | In an evolving landscape, smart building technology dynamically responds to immediate and future needs.

Protect Through Building Façade Inspections | Safety ordinances in major U.S. cities are prompting a renewed focus on building envelope conditions.

FM Solutions 2020 | As the new year approaches, these featured products are poised to support facility management needs.

Tackling HVAC Deferred Maintenance | Facilities teams can work toward optimized HVAC systems by implementing several practical solutions.

Hybrid HVAC Cooling | These types of systems help facilities to balance water and energy usage demands and goals.

Emerging Energy Services Opportunities | Recent research on energy-as-a-service (EaaS) offers insight on how commercial and industrial customers can benefit.

Budgeting For Roof Maintenance | At Broward College in South Florida, roofing condition assessments driving planning for this building component.

Restrooms That Recapture Water And Waste | At Georgia Tech, a new campus building’s green restrooms are part of its Living Building Challenge pursuit.

Guide The Way With Color | Wayfinding through a facility can be enhanced with intentional choices of varied hues.

Renewable Energy: Mapping Geothermal Potential In NYC | Research into New York City’s geology has produced a geothermal ground source screening tool for site assessments.

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