Facility Executive: December 2020 Issue

The December 2020 issue looks at the role HVAC systems play in combating COVID-19, as well as artificial intelligence, stormwater management, and more. Plus, FM Solutions for 2021.

Facility Executive December 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 6)

Editor’s Letter: Lessons Learned & Looking Ahead
Anne Cosgrove

As I write this, the first supply of COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to be distributed through a complex infrastructure. While we do not know how the pandemic might be harnessed in the coming months, there is hope we may be approaching a new phase. At home, in our communities, and in the facilities you manage, the past nine months have tested the resolve of people all over the world, in all walks of life. Buildings, the setting for so many activities in our lives, have been a huge focus in terms of how to protect people from the virus, whether they have been present the entire time in mission-critical facilities, or to prepare for employees, students, or guests to return.

In this issue, we’ve included several articles on developments related to HVAC operations and maintenance to combat COVID-19. While the best practices and recommendations continue to evolve, these articles share information to help guide your decisions in both the near-term and long-term. Health and safety in buildings was a growing area of importance for facilities professionals prior to the pandemic, and all signs point to this remaining atop the list of priorities.

And as you’re looking for products and services to improve your facilities in other areas, check out SOLUTIONS 2021. Featured here are innovations in the market for the coming year. Peruse these offerings aimed at providing facilities professionals solutions for the new year and beyond.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and safe 2021!




December 2020 Issue: Contents

December 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: AI Gains Traction In Commercial Buildings | Facility management is seeing the benefits of artificial intelligence implementation in operations.

The HVAC Factor: Diagnose Systems, Then Treat | To protect against COVID-19 and other indoor air quality threats, plan steps to increase ventilation and improve filtration.

Energy Improvement Aims High | An energy “Retro Rumble” recognizes retro-commissioning project at former Nestlé Company headquarters.

Solutions 2021: Advancements In FM | As the new year approaches, these featured products are poised to support facility management needs.

Indoor Air Quality And The Pandemic | Here is a look at risk, energy use, and carbon impacts for commercial HVAC systems.

Mitigating Risk Of Aerosol Spread | Managing indoor air quality is more important than ever.

Safety In Manufacturing Plants During COVID-19 | Apply these early lessons learned to keep employees healthy in manufacturing facilities.

Parking Lots And Tripping Hazards | Without proper maintenance, wheel stops, manhole covers, and asphalt pose threats to pedestrians.

Floodplain Models And Facilities | Reduce risk and damage from floods by reassessing the conditions around building sites.

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