Facility Executive: February 2021 Issue

The February 2021 issue looks back at the facility management challenges of 2020, as well as exteriors, cleaning, security and more. Plus, our own office move!

Facility Executive February 2021 Issue (Volume 34, Number 1)

Editor’s Letter: Continuing To Adapt In 2021
Anne Cosgrove

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit North America in early 2020, facility management professionals and their teams responded by working diligently to understand the best course of action for their particular organization. This required reaching out to others both inside and outside of the industry. Society as a whole learned more about the threat, its impact on people in and around buildings, and how facilities teams could make changes to mitigate the threat and help to ensure the health of occupants. Now in early 2021, we know more about what can be done to protect people. Some have made changes expected to be permanent, while others are in a temporary scenario. Since 2003, this magazine has recognized a singular “Facility Executive of the Year” at the start of each year; for 2020, we chose to look at how a number of organizations made a difference.

Meanwhile, buildings still need maintenance and care outside of COVID-19 requirements and recommendations. Building envelope and exteriors continue to require attention for safety and enjoyment of all occupants, so this month’s issue features articles addressing building envelope and related maintenance.

In a year of adapting to changing conditions, the Facility Executive team made the move to a brand new office toward the end of 2020. The light-filled space is configured for current and future needs of our entire company. See the space, and read the story of our move here. And, if your organization relocated during 2020, share your story by sending a note to me at the email address below.



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February 2021 Issue: Contents

February 2021 Issue

Tech And FM: Technology For Healthy Workspaces | Facility professionals are leveraging established and emerging tech tools to support health and wellness in facilities.

The HVAC Factor: IAQ And Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems | To deliver on ventilation and energy efficiency conditions, facility managers may consider DOAS units for their buildings.

Three Sustainable Groundskeeping Ideas | Campus landscape operations can move toward greener practices with incremental changes.

A Look Back At 2020 | Facility executives and their organizations have met the evolving challenges from COVID-19 with a variety of ways.

Protecting Building Exteriors | Preventive, ongoing maintenance is vital for safety and aesthetics.

Safety During Building Restorations | Building envelope projects at secure facilities require specific planning measures.

Drones For Façade Inspections | Computer vision technology presents paradigm shift for building envelope maintenance.

A Look At Touchless Security | Protecting occupants includes a touch-free security experience.

New Office For Facility Executive | Group C Media, Inc., parent company of Facility Executive, has moved to a location tailor-made for current and future operations.

Exterior Lighting Retrofits | Upgrading illumination outside your buildings? Examine five areas that impact results.

Looking To Reorganize Janitorial Closets? | Consider these five tips to maintain safety and productivity.

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