Facility Executive: June 2020 Issue

The June 2020 issue looks at the new post-COVID-19 workplace—from technology to infection control. Plus, access control, energy projects, and parking facilities.

Facility Executive June 2020 Issue (Volume 33, Number 3)

Editor’s Letter: Moving Forward, SafelyAnne Cosgrove

As facility management professionals continue to adjust to the impact of the global pandemic, we’re steadily learning new ways to operate and maintain buildings. From adapting how building systems operate to revising cleaning and sanitation protocols, and from communicating with stakeholders to reconfiguring space and reimagining furniture and fixtures layouts, moving forward safely is the mantra around the industry.

Buildings that closed in the early weeks of the COVID-19 crisis are starting to reopen, or are planning with a target date in mind. And those facilities that stayed open throughout the past few months have seen significant changes to their buildings. And everyone is thinking differently than in the past—the past being just several months ago. The relative speed in which we’ve been learning about what best practices are in this “new normal” and how facility executives, their teams, and their partners have responded is testament to the agility and resourcefulness of those who work in facility management.

In this issue, we’ve included several articles to help guide your decisions moving forward with the pandemic top of mind in the world still today. A look at aerosol disinfection methods can be found in the Services & Maintenance coverage. And workplace design insights are shared with references available to the industry. And, we asked healthcare facilities designers to share thoughts on these spaces for the future, while an expert on aging shares insights for moving forward at senior living facilities with wellness at the forefront.

Sharing lessons learned is valuable, and I’d invite you to share your experiences by sending an email to me at acosgrove@groupc.com.




June 2020 Issue: Contents

June 2020 Issue

Tech And FM: Construction Data For Facilities Of The Future | Plan to grasp the full potential of today’s available technologies.

The HVAC Factor: Propane For Heating And Cooling | Suitable for a variety of facility types, this fuel source can provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Aerosol Disinfection In A Pandemic World | COVID-19 has emphasized the need for health-based cleaning, particularly for high contact touch points.

Returning To Work: The New Office | Facility management teams are central to providing a safe, productive workplace.

Tech In The New Workplace | Communication, space reservations, and more are at your fingertips in a post-COVID-19 office.

Future Proof Access Control | Choosing security equipment for access control should take into account present and future demands and capabilities.

Tips For Touch-Free Plumbing Retrofits | Accomplish this facility project with minimal interruption to service.

Maximizing Energy Projects | Work with energy service companies to set goals and improve facilities energy performance.

Five Changes On The Horizon For Parking Facilities | Look beyond the short-term impact of COVID-19 on parking management operations.

Healthcare Facilities Design After COVID-19 | Look at five areas of focus when rethinking facility layout. Plus, evaluate flooring for healthcare spaces. And, how will senior living settings look moving forward?

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