Facility Executive | March / April 2016 Issue

Facility Executive: March / April 2016

March / April 2016Volume 29, Number 2

Professional Development: Incremental Outsourcing | Many organizations have fully developed solutions, while others employ services on a smaller scale.

The HVAC Factor: New Life For An Aging Chiller Plant | Renovating a century old government facility retained its historic character while providing maintenance staff improved access.

Facility Retrofit: Zero Waste Manufacturing | At Diamond Packaging in Rochester, NY, converting trash to energy is one strategy in having achieved a closed loop.

Choosing Carpet and Flooring That Meets Demand | Procurement standards help to direct selection and installation for facilities.

Physical Security Planning | A common sense approach to facility protection includes identifying the aim and ensuring staff members are trained.

Lighting Takes Center Stage | A confluence of factors holds promise for this building system to be a hub of facility operations.

Best Practices For Data Center Management | On-site surveys of 40 facilities reveal four areas ripe for energy efficiency improvement.

Wellness In Action | The core mission of the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University is reflected in its new facility.

Water Systems Strategies | While there are a multitude of options to reduce consumption, the right approach for each facility varies.

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