Facility Executive | May / June 2016 Issue

This issue looks at trends in workplace design. Plus, healthcare facilities, fire and life safety codes, predictive analytics, and financing options for HVAC projects.

Facility Executive: May / June 2016

Volume 29, Number 3May / June 2016 Issue

Tech And FM: Predictive Analytics For “Low-Tech” Facilities | Lacking high-tech equipment, sensors, or software does not mean facility management executives cannot take action from their data.

Facility Retrofit: Visibility In Multi-Site Maintenance | At Denver, CO based CorePower Yoga, a service automation system has improved retail site management.

Windows: Preventing Condensation | More than simply a nuisance, moisture buildup impacts occupant comfort and facility integrity.

Keeping Up With Fire And Life Safety Codes | While design and construction teams are initially responsible, the facility management team ensures continued compliance.

Workplace Design: Four Trends | Physical environment significantly impacts employees and organizations overall, and facilities leaders are on the front lines.

Opportunity For Innovation | In Wexford, PA, a new outpatient facility provides Allegheny Health Network customers with a wide spectrum of services.

Healthcare Waiting Room Design | Whether in a hospital, medical office building, or urgent care center, these spaces aim to provide comfort and convenience.

Equipment Leasing And FASB Changes | Approval of a new lease accounting standard from the Financial Accounting Standards Board means facilities can prepare to adopt it.

Key Survey Findings: Campus Facility Management | Results of a survey of Facility Executive readers reveals customer service, staffing, and other high priorities.

Renewable Energy: Financing Geothermal HVAC | Partnering with utilities and third parties provides options to facilitate investment into these systems.

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