Facility Executive | October 2017 Issue

The October 2017 issue features a focus on sustainability, including groundskeeping, lighting, roofing, energy purchasing programs, and more. Plus, a look at emerging tech, HVAC, and strategic planning.

October 2017 IssueFacility Executive: October 2017

Volume 30, Number 5

Tech And FM: Emerging Technologies In FM And Real Estate | With 2018 around the corner, examine the potential for artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and more.

The HVAC Factor: Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Improves IAQ | At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), adding UVGI fixtures in air handlers across the facility has been a breath of fresh air.

Five Steps To Greener Groundskeeping | Modifying existing assets and maintenance practices can go a long way toward more sustainable landscapes.

Strength In Daylighting | Recent improvements in skylight materials are delivering benefits beyond energy savings and occupant well-being.

Evaluating Lighting Controls Options | To choose the ideal level of automation, facility decision-makers should reflect on daily and long-term facility demands.

In Pursuit of “Lead-Free” Plumbing Systems | In navigating this path, recognize potential contamination sources, as well as relevant laws, regulations, and standards.

The Show Will Go On | In Little Rock, AR, Robinson Center earns LEED Gold for renovation and expansion of its performing arts facility and conference center.

Planning Facility Signage | Establish wayfinding standards to improve visitor and staff experiences, now and in the future.

Business Practice Optimization For Facility Management | To align with the core business of the organization, consider three keys—envision, enable,and evolve.

Greening The Roof | With stormwater runoff a growing concern, crowning a building with vegetation is a promising remedy.

Renewable Energy: Corporate Purchasing Programs | How might utilities’ voluntary renewable energy programs serve participating customers, as well as buyers outside those groups?

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