Facility Executive: October 2023 Issue

The October 2023 Issue explores facility resilience, risk management, the path to net zero, EV adoption, Legionella prevention, and more.

Facility Executive October 2023 Issue (Volume 36, Number 5)

Editor’s Letter: Ready For Anything

Jennifer GoetzAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. experienced its all-time highest number of billion-dollar disasters in 2023. Outside of the U.S., from the wildfires in Canada to the earthquakes in Turkey and now Afghanistan, it’s evident that natural disasters are becoming more common worldwide.

So, how do facility executives make sure their buildings are as tough as nails to weather these storms? This issue of Facility Executive explores the current codes, standards, and financing options to make headway on facility resilience goals.

In addition, this issue explores how facility executives can address various sustainability goals, through reducing carbon emissions, green cleaning, and reducing energy consumption. There’s a greater urgency for facilities to reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions now that more state and city governments are implementing more ambitious regulations; and this issue touches on several practical steps to meet commercial building energy efficiency standards in 2024. With these practical steps in mind, ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager is a resource that helps track and improve energy efficiency across an entire portfolio of properties.

It is critical for the built environment to take these important steps toward resilience and sustainability to protect our plant, ecosystems, and communities across the globe. Facility executives keep staff and building occupants safe and comfortable, and—by contributing to sustainability initiatives—will also do their part to make the world a better, safer, and healthier place.

Jennifer Goetz




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October 2023 Issue: Features

Facility Executive October 2023 Issue
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Tech And FM: 3 Ways Digitalization Can Reduce Construction Waste In 2024 | Digital tools are driving better practices and supporting overall waste management and sustainability goals.

The HVAC Factor: ESG And HVAC: Improving K-12 Schools | Facility managers can create a better indoor experience through system efficiency and clean air.

Green Cleaning: Back To The Future | Facility management staff need to retrain their green cleaning muscle.

FM Profile: A Helping Hand | See how Principal Facilities Project Manager Shalita Myrick channeled her passion for helping people into her facility management career.

Standing In The Face Of Disaster | Buildings and communities can look to codes, standards, and financing to achieve sustainability and resilience goals.

Creating A Path To Compliance | Practical steps owners and operators can take to meet energy efficiency standards for commercial buildings.

Building An Energy Roadmap To Net Zero | Reaching net zero is a collaborative journey for facility managers.

Combating Roadblocks To Widespread EV Adoption | When EV adoption becomes more common, existing electrical systems will be under greater pressure.

The Way Forward For Greener Cities | Innovative funding solutions and partnerships have a major role in creating greener cities.

Preventing A Legionella Outbreak | A new water systems standard provides guidance on emerging threats.

Digital Signage In Healthcare Facilities | FMs can enhance patient experience and engagement by incorporating digital signage solutions.

Sustainability In Groundskeeping | Ensuring the sustainability of landscapes and grounds in a comprehensive task.

Product Focus: Furniture | Sustainable Solutions | Groundskeeping


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