Facility Maintenance Equipment Product Focus

This assortment of facility maintenance equipment and technology will help you successfully complete a wide range of projects inside and outside of your facility.

Compiled by the Facility Executive Staff
From the February 2023 Issue

Consider this assortment of facility maintenance equipment and technology to help you successfully complete a wide range of projects inside and outside of your facility.

C1 Spraying Drone and
Window Washing Payload
by Lucid Drone Technologies

The Lucid Drone Technologies C1 Spraying Drone and Window Washing Payload are cutting-edge cleaning tools for facility managers. The spray drone is equipped with sensors and a remote control that allow you to navigate tight spaces and identify areas that need cleaning while keeping workers safely on the ground. The drone then uses soft washing technology to wash the area.

The technology can save facility managers a significant amount of time and money by providing a more efficient and effective process. In addition, the drone’s cleaning system is far more effective, able to reach heights of 110 ft., spray up to 300 psi, and wash up to five-times faster than traditional methods. Because of this, the C1 Spraying Drone is an essential tool for keeping buildings clean in a safe and efficient way.

Each year in the U.S., more than 500,000 people are treated at the hospital from ladder-related injuries and 61 people lost their lives in 2020 from this type of accident. With advanced drone technology, facility managers and building owners will have the advantage of a safer, faster, smarter cleaning solution.

FastMaint CMMS Software
by SMGlobal

SMGlobal’s FastMaint CMMS v.12 is a computerized maintenance management software program for equipment and facilities maintenance. Maintenance managers can use FastMaint to manage preventive maintenance and breakdown repairs of industrial equipment and commercial facilities.

FastMaint CMMS lets facility managers schedule both preventive and corrective maintenance work, send work orders to the maintenance staff on their mobile phones, receive feedback from the maintenance workers, and track the progress of all outstanding and completed jobs. It can also be used for on-site maintenance or field service management.

The software has enterprise asset management features to track equipment and facilities, inventory management, and maintain supplier records for ordering spares and equipment. FastMaint automatically schedules maintenance activities based on dates, meter readings, emergency conditions, or any criteria that the maintenance planner specifies. It can create work order templates for planned maintenance, and deal with breakdowns and other emergencies. Users can insert pictures and link their work orders to outside supporting documents.

Direct-Driven Pressure Washers
by Steam Jenny

Steam Jenny offers a full line of electric-powered cold pressure washers. Equipped with highly efficient motors, these units allow operation in enclosed areas where gas-powered machines can’t be used. The pressure washers are powered by Marathon or Baldor electric motors, depending on the model, and range from 1.5 to 10 Horsepower. They are available with either single-phase GFCI or three-phase power requirements. All models feature industrial-grade triplex ceramic plunger pumps, which are designed to provide hours of service. The units are available with pressure ratings between 1,000 and 4,000 psi, and flow rates vary between 1.5 and 4.8 gpm. Standard features include a seven-gauge steel chassis, heavy-duty unloader valve, safety relief valve, thermal relief valve, and high-capacity inlet in-line water strainer. The pressure washers also come with an insulated trigger gun, a 50-foot hose with quick coupling, and a series of 0 º to 40º color-coded nozzles. For maximum portability, all models incorporate flat-free pneumatic tires with ball-bearing hubs and a handle that can be positioned at either the front or back of the unit.

The Smart Building Cloud
by View, Inc.

View, Inc. introduced a complete, cloud-native platform to enable smart buildings. The Smart Building Cloud provides technology teams with the platform and all software components required to connect, manage, and optimize a portfolio of smart buildings with strong cybersecurity protection and maximum flexibility.

The modular, open, secure platform—which extends from network to application—allows IT and digital innovation teams to securely consolidate and normalize building data from an entire portfolio into a cloud-based environment. It also drives business outcomes such as reduced energy consumption and more efficient facilities management with pre-configured insights and automations.

The Smart Building Cloud can be deployed in both new and existing buildings, and in conjunction with or independently of View Smart Glass, View’s flagship product that uses artificial intelligence to optimize access to natural light and outdoor views while keeping occupants comfortable.


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